Pepper Lunch's Taste the World Dishes

It's 2:43 in the morning {I'm born nocturnal}, and I'm torturing myself by writing about Pepper Lunch's new dishes named Taste the World. I am so hungry! Recalling the taste and seeing the photos of the dishes makes me want to eat my computer. I mean it.

I...can...taste...the...Burrito...Beef...Pepper...Rice'! I am starving!!

Pepper Lunch's Taste the World Dishes Burrito Beef Pepper Rice
Burrito Beef Pepper Rice  PhP 255

Pepper Lunch's latest triumvirate takes its cue from Mexico, Italy, and Korea's popular gastronomic contributions: Burrito, Bistecca, and Bulgogi. The Burrito Beef Pepper Rice had a strong emphasis in terms of legitimacy. The flavors were on fleek! The somewhat deconstructed teppan of burrito {well-seasoned chuck and short plate beef slices, kidney beans, rough chunks of bell pepper, corn kernels, cheese, and a gob of rice} is teamed with pico de gallo, served on the side. 

This is my pick amongst the three. The heat level was surprisingly mild; it works for me! If you prefer it demonic, just request for something extra. Speaking of extra, I'd prefer mine to have a good slap of cheese next time! Soooo goooood! 

Pepper Lunch's Taste the World Dishes Burrito Beef

Pepper Lunch's Taste the World Dishes Bulgogi Beef Pepper Rice
Bulgogi Beef Pepper Rice  PhP 255

The bulgogi's aroma bathing the area is a definite sucker punch to anyone's snoot. I was further enticed {and intrigued} by how well it will blend with Pepper Lunch's staples such corn and margarine aside from being strapped with ingredients that we've come to expect from this dish. In a way, it's slightly bucking the trend, but you know what? It turned out great! The Bulgogi Beef Pepper Rice is actually my friends' top pick. Since most Pinoys have a penchant for anything sweet, I think this will be Pepper Lunch's Taste the World top contender.

Pepper Lunch's Taste the World Dishes Bistecca Pepper Rice
Bistecca Pepper Rice  PhP 255

A milder form compared with the two, but just as good! Seasoned with rosemary, the beef's goodness was boosted by delicious additions such as slices of olives and rosemary and garlic infused olive oil. This is definitely a must-try!

Pepper Lunch's Taste the World dishes will be available for two months only starting February 1, 2015. Unfortunately, only the full service branches of Pepper Lunch will have these on the menu. See full list of the branches here.

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Onward and Upward!


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