Break on Through to the Fireside by Kettle

I really, really like Fireside's Chef Chiloy Santos' approach to food. He knows how to put a good twist on the familiar without it being too overwhelming or odd. It's still deliciously straightforward with a whisper of curiosity. Add to that fact is his apparent humility. He's not afraid to tell you where he got his inspiration from for a particular dish, and he would even tell you how he did it. There is an underlying power in that, I believe. Oh, and if you're wondering why they named the restaurant Fireside, it's because, unlike Kettle, most of their dishes are grilled.

Now, the food:

Sweet Corn Cappucino
Sweet Corn Cappucino  PhP 129

Ladled up in an ample-sized cup was a truly delicious and soothing sweet corn soup topped with a good froth. The cup is rimmed with crushed popcorn mixed with salt just to add a more flavorful pep according to Chef Chiloy. I had two of this before we even got the whole dish party started. It's that good! 

Fireside by Kettle Sweet Corn Cappucino

Fireside by Kettle Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip
Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip  PhP 279

That orange glob in the middle is crab fat. That alone makes this Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip score a good point with me, or anybody who's in love with that cholesterol-pumped beauty. The dip is a savory sin that has an undeniable crustacean taste, gooey, and just plain pleasing.

Fireside by Kettle Mascarpone Cheesecake, Arugula, Croutons, Sweet Tomato Jam
Mascarpone Cheesecake, Arugula, Croutons, Sweet Tomato Jam  PhP 359

This was adequately light yet gratifying. Hidden underneath the silky mascarpone cheesecake is the sweet tomato jam, so you need to scoop deep to make the experience extraordinary. 

Fireside by Kettle Salmon Gravlax Tartar, Baguette Chips, Cilantro, and Peppercoulis
Salmon Gravlax Tartar  PhP 349

Saying that I love salmon would be a complete understatement, and Fireside's Salmon Gravlax Tartar {with baguette chips, cilantro, and pepper coulis} took my love for it to a whole new level. Just like content, the freshness of the each ingredient is king. The only thing that will make the freshness of the chopped salmon extra evident is if it wiggles right in front of me. I like that the fish is kept in chunks rather than sliced thin. It makes for a great bite.

Fireside by Kettle Truffled Potato Chips
Truffled Potato Chips  PhP 199

Potato chips is not something I'm fond of, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna have a few slices of those crisped delicacy. As if the gastronomic torture is not enough just by being presented with a mountain of it; they had to give it a generous drizzle of blue cheese sauce as a wrap up! 

Sweet, Spicy, and Salty Wings  PhP 249 {3 pcs.} / PhP 409 {5 pcs.}

Okay, if you're planning to visit Fireside with your kids, make sure that you order their Sweet, Spicy, and Salty Wings. It's a killer!! As the name of the starter suggests, it has the trifecta of palate-pleasing flavors. The flavors seeped through right down to the bones. The zing level is just right; good enough for kids. They're not gonna breathe fire, I promise. If you're still worried, you can always ask them to drop it down a notch. 

Asian Shrimp Salad  PhP 299
The Asian Shrimp Salad was a pile of carrots, cucumber, turnips, rice noodles, and cilantro, plus a side of lime fish sauce dressing. It comes with chopped nuts. Let that serve as a warning for those allergic to it. It's a remarkable salad that had rich yet polite taste. I love this...a lot!

Slow-Roasted U.S. Choice Brisket Platter  PhP 579

By this time, I was waiting for the kitchen mavens to bungle a dish. They can't all be good, right? Slow-Roasted U.S. Choice Brisket could come out dry; delicious, but dry. Alas! It didn't happen. The flavors were boosted to finger-lickin' {hi, KFC! Just borrowing your old slogan} bliss! Tenderness level: 10! 

Australian Lamb Ribs  PhP 719

A great value at PhP 719 just for the taste alone! Kettle is famous for its Buttermilk Fried Chicken, but this Australian Lamb Ribs may well be Fireside's superstar when it comes to mains, for me, at least. It's cooked all the way through but the tenderness is still very much apparent, and the gamey factor was kept at bay. I've lost count of the oh my Gods I uttered while eating this. Oh, and there's that crispy exterior, too! Also, the mint gravy and mint jelly makes every bite glorious!

Boneless U.S. Prime Ribeye  PhP 1,699 {350g}  /  PhP 2,999 {700g}

The slices of meat were charged with wondrous flavors, no doubt. I also love how tender they were! It's a steak lover's fantasy. They come with heaps of grilled and deep-fried veggies. But for me, the size is pretty modest for the price, though.
Double Cut Porkchop  PhP 519

You can expect a massive {both thickness-wise and breadth} chop it being double cut and all. The taste is as impressive as its size. It's honey-and-cider brined meat bathed with peppercorn-mustard cream sauce. It's a dulcet of a block that's also full-flavored and oh-so juicy! 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers

Okay, okay, I'm gonna make a comparison right now between Kettle's version and Fireside's. I'm just gonna go out and say that I love Fireside's fried chicken better. Firstly, it's convenient to eat as opposed to the bone-in pieces at Kettle. I'm really lazy. Secondly, it's enhanced with a perfect amount of heat that makes it extra appetizing! It's served with the usual metal thimbles of honey and gravy. But this is something you're gonna go crazy for {hell, I did}: CORNBREAD DOUGHNUTS! Those little balls of heaven deserves an all caps salute, or in E.L. James' words, "shouty capitals". A friend of mind told me that. I've never read it. I swear it.

What about Kettle's version? Please do check it out here. Let's go now to my favorite Fireside dessert, shall we?

Fireside Homemade Doughnuts  PhP 239

Amongst Fireside's dessert offerings, their Homemade Doughnut's the most memorable for me. It's a superior version of the Filipino doughnut called bicho-bicho! I have a soft spot in my heart for those! I even told my friend {Irene} when I saw it being brought to our table that if those tasted like bicho-bicho, I'm gonna cry!! I didn't, of course. Big girls don't cry. But seriously, it's a tasty nostalgia of a dessert!

This dessert, I think, will be a huge hit with kids. They can create their own pile of delicious mess using the three accordion squeeze bottles filled with Salted Caramel, Raspberry Sauce, and Chocolate!

Fireside by Kettle
3/F Fashion Hall, SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: (+632) 532.18.07
Instagram: @fireside_ph

Onward and Upward!


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