Desire: Bone Tote

The Common Knowledge's Bone Tote

The Common Knowledge's Bone Tote
Injecting a bit of anatomy in a bag is pretty good! The Common Knowledge's Bone Tote is 'inspired by the way the bone meets the skin'. It's a fairly new brand by Industrial Design grad, Zara Dramov. As always, the simplicity of the design with a sophisticated edge is the thing that's making my head hurt like hell right now. The colors {except for the Oxblood} being versatile is another. It ticks all the boxes for an everyday bag. It's made of Italian leather and comes with a little pouch inside. It's available in three sizes: Extra Large, Large, and Mini. Plum and Olive Bronze - you two are making my heart ache, and my credit card scared. 

Onward and Upward!


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