Louis XIII de Rémy Martin's A Quest for A Legend

The great thing about cognacs? The value increases as it ages. In fact, Louis XIII de Rémy Martin is looking for the rarest {and one of the oldest} decanter in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. 

The price? No biggie, it's just a trip to their estate in Cognac, France. That's just one of the many prices. More on this in a while. 

Some connoisseurs describe Louis XIII de Rémy Martin as the 'Rolls Royce of Cognacs'. Reading some of the reviews, it seems that the ones who have tried it felt some sort of spirituous transcendence. Seriously, I could feel their heightened pleasure through their prose. I am no cognac connoisseur, so I really can't describe it the way they do. The thing that I can tell you though is that it's delicious; really delicious.

Instead of the usual snifter, the Louis XIII de Rémy Martin should be savored using a special crystal glass designed by Cristophe Pillet. According to Louis XIII de Rémy Martin's Regional Director, Christophe Bourrie, the glass brings out the flavors further.

Just found out that all my photos of the Louis XIII de Rémy Martin's Rare Cask are pitiful. Anyway, the said cognac SRPs at...wait for it...more than $30,000!!

There are only 738 bottles of the Louis XIII de Rémy Martin's Rare Cask 42,6 {in reference to the 42.6% alcohol content} in the world! When asked if the number has any significance, Marie-Amélie Jacquet {4th generation of the Heriard Dubreuil - the family that manages the prestigious Remy Martin house} explained that there's really none. The rare cask {limousin oak barrel} where the exemplary liquid came from was able to fill up that much amount of decanter. The decanter, by the way, is made of black Baccarat crystal with a 22-carat rose gold neck.

Louis XIII de Rémy Martin's A Quest for A Legend

Competition Guidelines:

Contest entry period is between 3 February 2015 and 31 March 2015

> To enter the competition, participants in the competition must send photos of their unopened LOUIS XIII bottlevia SMS Text, Whatsapp or to the local Rémy Martin office.  Entries can also be submitted online at www.louisxiii-cognac.com/questforalegend

> Participants need to provide their full name, age, ID, contact information, nationality and details on how they obtained the bottle of LOUIS XIII

Participants can submit more than one bottle

The LOUIS XIII team will follow up with each submission individually

The winner will be chosen by and expert committee who will assess each bottle with a set criteria

Rémy Cointreau International (RCI) reserves the right to make the final decision

Terms & conditions:


Must be the legal owner of the bottle
Must be citizens or residents of the participating countries in SEAMI
Must be 18 years and above, 25 years of age for India
Must agree to absolve LOUIS XIII/RCI from any liability with regard to handling of the entry bottle


The bottle must be unopened, with at least 50% of original liquid (this will be verified by RCI and the House of Rémy Martin)


The prize is a trip to the Rémy Martin Estate in Cognac, France which includes:

Two return Business class air tickets
Two first class  tickets  between Paris and Angouleme
Car pick up transfer to the Estate
A hosted lunch at the Estate
Guided Tour of the Estate, grounds, cellars and distillery
 A tasting of LOUIS XIII and Dinner
One night’s accommodation in Cognac, France

Full terms and conditions will be made available at a later date. To learn more about this contest, please go here.

Onward and Upward!


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