Photo Lust: Abandoned Places

Creepy and amazing are the two words that best describes this Instagram account I'm currently obsessing over: @itsabandoned. You gotta have a certain level of weirdness to appreciate things like these. I do. I'm not just fascinated by these buildings, I dream of owning one someday too, like this one. I want to restore structures {especially the historical sites} to their former glory. There's a few, scratch that, very few left in this part of the world because building preservation here count for nothing. Appalling, really.

Pripyat, Pentedatillo Ghost Town in Italy, Hashima Island {where Skyfall was filmed}, Olympic Village near Berlin, and splendid theaters in France are some of the interesting photos you'll see in that account. Don't look at them before you go to bed, though. The photos are works of art and they do speak volumes, but they're also really eerie.  

Onward and Upward!


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