Torch Greenbelt's Firetastic Dishes

The first dish that made me adore Torch was the Signature Roll. I am a creature of habit, so having said that, I'd order the same thing and maybe add a few more every time I would swing by Torch Greenhills. A new branch opened recently at Greenbelt, and it has the same hodgepodge of cuisines and some Filipino fusions that I've come to love. Honestly, I haven't had a bad experience with Torch. The dishes that I had were consistently good. Below are 9 of Torch's less known offerings that are definitely must-tries! 

Torch Greenbelt Appetizer Sampler
Appetizer Sampler  PhP 495

The platter consists of Chili Cheese Crispers, Buffalo Asian Wings, Truffle Fries, and Skewered Chicken Skin. All were delicious, but for me, the chicken skin eclipses the others. Those were really, really good! Despite being vamped up by chili powder, it didn't turn out on the hefty side of spiciness, still.

Torch Greenbelt Appetizer Sampler

Torch Greenbelt Wakame Salmon
Wakame Salmon  PhP 234.95

This is one hell of a great appetizer, too! What it has - aside from wakame and salmon, of course - are strings of crab sticks, tobiko, Japanese mayo, fresh mango slices, and a hint of an addicting factor! 

Torch Greenbelt Cowboy Roll
Cowboy Roll  PhP 385.95

I think I have a new favorite roll at Torch! Tenderly packed rice with marinated U.S. Angus beef strips and shitake mushrooms! It's tempura-battered and deep-fried. 

Torch Greenbelt Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza
Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza 14"  PhP 374.95

Torch's pizzas are such a steal! It can please a Sasquatch, size-wise, and the taste can pretty much make anyone happy, including those who bore ill feelings towards pizzas. I wonder if such a person exists. Anyway, the flavor of the anchovies is minimally highlighted in the pie, which is good. They weren't kidding when they included the word "cheesy" in the pie's name. There's an ample layer of different cheeses before you hit the crust. I like the crust, by the way. It's thin, has crisped-out edges, and a chewy middle. I still like Torch's Philly Cheeseteak Pizza the most.

Torch Greenbelt Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad
Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad  PhP 345.95

Underneath all that pile of colorful fixings is a heap of quinoa. It comes with a sesame dressing on the side. Majority {I'd say 99.3%} of my foodie friends are carnivores, and it would take a little bit of egging for them to try something with greens or with quinoa, but this was one of our lunch's hits. It's a healthy dish that will not make you cry while you're wolfing it down. It's superb!

Torch Greenbelt Tocino Fingers
Tocino Fingers  PhP 172.95

Tocino is one of the many culprits that forbid me from becoming a vegan. Torch's version just made me love my decision even more! I went at it like a coal miner who got a meal break after working for 15 hours non-stop. Not my proudest moment, but whatever. The grease is tempered by the batter that hugged the tender strips of cured meat well. Further gluttonous onslaught is appeased by the buttered garlic fried rice. Bliss.  

Torch Greenbelt Sea bass in garlic miso
Sea Bass in Garlic Miso  PhP 799.95 

The Chilean sea bass was flaky, fresh, and had a buttery texture that made it extra appetizing! It's glazed sparingly by sake garlic miso teriyaki - too much would have led to the demise of a good chunk of fish. Super yum! It's served with Japanese fried rice.  

Torch Greenbelt tomahawk steak
Tomahawk Steak  Full (2,200g) PhP 6, 799.95  /  Half (1,100g) PhP 3,499.95  /  Single (300g)  PhP 1,195.95

These hunks of meat were a thing of beauty. My photos can't justify their heftiness, naturally; although, I wish it could. I believe that the chefs gave much respect to the meat because the execution was deft. It's flavor-packed, tender, and just plain wow! I can be superfluous with the description, but we both know that it won't mean much. You have to try to know. If you haven't been happy since 2003, maybe this will do it for you. 

Torch Greenbelt

Torch Greenbelt bread pudding
Bread Pudding  PhP 149.94

My friends laugh at me because I eat a lot. I ate almost two servings of Torch's bread pudding. That's no laughing matter, guys. That takes a different level of strength, and compassion, and appreciation...I'm kidding. I just really love food! This pudding is one of those I love with pure passion! It's so delicious! They have a fried version of this, too. The struggle to defy all things good is real, people. Help?

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