Burgers and Brewskies at Capitol Commons

Burgers and Brewskies formally opened its second branch at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons last year. I'm gonna play favorites now and affirm that I like this branch better than the one in Burgos Circle. One, it's near my abode; second, it has the Bacon Chicharon in their menu! 

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Bacon Chicharon
Bacon Chicharon  PhP 210

Just hearing the mere combination of the two powerful gastro words alone put my salivary glands on overdrive. I never thought that a simple boosting of man's best friend would turn into an alchemy of joy. It's an appetizer, but I'd gladly have it as a main with lots of garlic fried rice! 

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Wedge Salad
B & B Wedge Salad  PhP 180

Super crispy chunks of iceberg lettuce topped with bacon bits, chopped nuts, roasted tomato slices, and drizzled heavily with delicious bleu cheese dressing.

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Zucchini Sticks
Zucchini Sticks

Zucchini is one of the few veggies I can eat every single day with minimal complaints from my belly. A fritti-ed version is, of course, a better choice in my book. The light coating was crispy all throughout while the zucchini stayed tender and slightly crunchy. Squeeze in the lemon wedge before dipping a fried beauty in the aioli dip, and you're all set!

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Sesame Sriracha Chicken Wings
Sesame Sriracha Chicken Wings  PhP 195

Burgers and Brewskies has quite an extensive list of fried wings. Amongst all, the Sesame Sriracha Chicken Wings gives me the best bliss. It's never enough! The heat level is tolerable; but just in case you have a low tolerance for it, make sure that you have a beer ready to cool your tongue.

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons P. Sherman
P. Sherman  PhP 250

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney - this address lingers in your head long after you've watched Finding Nemo. "P. Sherman" is, according to the Filipino animators of the said computer-animated film, an ode to the way Filipinos pronounce "fisherman". It's what we commonly refer to as a P-F Syndrome - you pronounce P as F and vise versa. 

So about the fish burger.....yes, it was definitely tasty! The delicious patty is served with a healthy portion of roasted veggies, fried basil leaves, cheese sauce, and mustard aioli!  

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Philly
Philly  PhP 250

The Philly is like a hybrid version of an average Philly Cheese steak. The burger patty is stuffed with thinly sliced grilled steak, topped with sautéed veggies, and a heap of cheese sauce! A definite meat lovers dream!

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Soy Panna Cotta
Creamy Soy Panna Cotta  PhP 85

A slightly light end for a hefty lunch! Without the candied bacon bits, the velvety custard would have been too subdued, but that doesn't necessarily equate to being unappetizing. It's pretty good, actually. I prefer it to be a tad bit sweeter though.

Burgers and Brewskies Capitol Commons Creamy Soy Panna Cotta

B & B Burgers and Brewskies
G/F Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons,
Meralco Ave., Pasig City
Twitter: @BandBrewskies

Onward and Upward!


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