71 Gramercy Restaurant: Dinner at the Top

Size does matter. Being at the top of the second tallest building in the country {71 Gramercy} has its advantages other than not being bombarded by pesky mosquitoes all that much. Life in the tropics. You get to see this...

71 Gramercy Restaurant

A clear sight of the sky, obviously showing off, and the traffic jam. The view is striking, nonetheless; especially during dusk. The restaurant is a place you want to go to if you wish to impress someone or maybe think about what the hell you are doing with your life. 

71 Gramercy Restaurant

They have both indoor dining and al fresco options at 71 Gramercy. Right beside the indoor dining area is the lounge.

Of course, you don't just go to 71 Gramercy Restaurant for the view. No matter how good it is, you can't gawp your way to belly satisfaction. Kitchen maestro, Chef Carlo Miguel, being at the helm, can already clue you in on what to expect. What he prepared for us definitely matched the skyline's magnificence.

71 Gramercy Restaurant French Fine de Claire Oysters
French Fine de Claire Oysters

Do you like your oysters baked with loads of toppings or naked like these? I prefer the latter with minimal add-ons to complement the briny meat. In this case, we slurped the freshly shucked Fine de Claire oysters with a pittance of mignonette granita and a squeeze of lemon. Really goooood!

71 Gramercy Restaurant Cured Salmon
Cured Salmon

Chef Carlo Miguel made a complete badasstardization of green tea and salmon. Delicious! The pink beauties were green tea-cured and served with arugula, feta, shallots, and ginger. The meat absorbed just the right amount of tea to give it a unique, vegetal flavor.

71 Gramercy Restaurant Prawn Salad
Prawn Salad

The stacked grilled prawns buoyed by Guimaras mango salsa and vanilla dressing. It's a thoughtfully prepared dish that was both full of vibrant flavors and colors. 

71 Gramercy Restaurant Gramercy Burger
Gramercy Burger

The 200 gram patty was blanketed by gruyère, and topped with mushroom and foie gras! Not fair! We're not given a leeway to resist. It's not like we really wanted to. The flavoursome patty itself was satisfying enough that minimal frills was needed to make it special. Perfectly executed thick-cut fries comes on the side.

71 Gramercy Restaurant Chilean Sea Bass
Chilean Sea Bass

Chef Carlo was able to showcase this fresh Chilean sea bass in an ingenious and elegant way; not to mention delicious! The pan-roasted chunk of fish lies on a bed of crushed potatoes and drizzled with lemon oil.

71 Gramercy Restaurant Tomahawk Steak
Tomahawk Steak 

The standout dish of the night is this US Angus Choice Grade Tomahawk Steak! The great-for-sharing slab gave us delicate bites and wonderful flavors. It comes with ample sides of fritas, mac and cheese, and creamed spinach. 

71 Gramercy Restaurant
Breakfast for Dinner

All that fat is kinda scary to hanker down on, but the combined flavors made me happy about this moment of diet indiscretion. Crispy at the top, juicy and succulent in the middle, the home cured and smoked Berkshire pork belly with 62-degree egg, potato hash, mushrooms, and tomato fondant is probably something that can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner...if you're brave enough, that is.

71 Gramercy Restaurant Pork and Lobster
Pork and Lobster

Pork or seafood? This combo will solve the glitch of indecision. After getting your first bite of both, you'll be quite thankful for that period of uncertainty. The slow-roasted Berkshire pork belly's fat juices mixed evenly with the tender meat, making it just a tad bit mind-blowing. 

71 Gramercy Restaurant Tagliatelle Truffle
Tagliatelle Truffle
With elements such as truffle cream and crisped prosciutto plus top-notch cooking, you can damn well be sure of the dish's appeal. Sauced lightly, the not-too-satiating-creaminess came mostly from the 62-degree poached egg. I wouldn't want it any other way, to be honest.

71 Gramercy Restaurant Chocolate Cake

I'm not quite sure if 71 Gramercy's desserts not being sickeningly sweet are a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, you won't have that fear of having diabetes after one spoonful, on the other, you'll eat more. 

The chocolate cake is what you want to start with. It's good enough to have a hashtag as part of its name: #LEGIT Chocolate Cake. It's composed of five textures, three chocolates, and a partridge in a pear tree. Seriously, this dessert is a must-have!

71 Gramercy Restaurant Almond Tart
Almond Tart

A good harmony of all the ingredients plus a hefty amount of passion during preparation made the Almond Tart and Chocolate and Banana Souffle unforgettable treats. The Almond Tart is composed of strawberries, rhubarb, and burnt butter ice cream. The latter was twice baked, bathe in butterscotch sauce, and topped with salty peanut ice cream. Calm down now.

71 Gramercy Restaurant Chocolate and Banana Souffle
Chocolate and Banana Souffle

I wanna thank Rache for filling up my plate. Thanks a lot, @mrsawesomeplanet! I'm always on turtle mode when it comes to taking shots, and when you're with a bunch of food bloggers, you're bound to be left with barely enough if you're not quick on the pounce. They are great food bloggers for a reason - they're always super hungry, never satisfied. I'm not gonna divulge their names cause they are my friends, so let's just call them Spanky Enriquez and Gerry San Miguel

71 Gramercy Restaurant
71st Floor, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue, 
Makati City
Contact Nos.: (+63917) 847.75.35 / (+63917) 809.40.93
Operating Hours: Mondays - Saturdays 6 pm until 10 pm
Facebook: 71 Gramercy
Twitter: @71gramercy
Instagram: @71gramercy

Onward and Upward!


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