Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes and Neutra Air

I'm sort of a germaphobe; not the Howard Hughes type of germaphobe, just a reasonable one. I guess I could safely refer to myself as a reformed alcoholic. I used alcohol {as a hand antiseptic, not as liquid courage} from grade school until uni. The drying effect became a problem in the long run. Thank goodness a lot came up with better hand sanitizers since!

The latest one excites me because it smells really, really good and is very gentle on the skin! The new Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes has moisturizers and is alcohol-free but is still ruthless when it comes to disease-causing germs.

Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes

It smells really good! Yeah, I know I mentioned that already, but that factor deserves a second acknowledgement. It's like a faint scent of fresh-cut grass mixed with baby cologne. 

I find wipes more economically useful. I can stretch its uses better than the gel or liquid version. When I'm done wiping my hands, I can use it to clean my table, the steering wheel, or the toilet seat. But wipes cost more, right? Not really. A pocket-sized version {10 pulls} of Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes only cost PhP 35! Not bad. Not bad at all!

Lysol Neutra Air

Lysol has graduated from just being a surface disinfectant to both a surface and air disinfectant! Many {including me} have deviated from the original use of Lysol by turning it into an air disinfectant. The company turned that consumer mishap into a very useful one with the release of Lysol Neutra Air. It doesn't just mask bathroom odors, it also cleans the air of odor-causing bacteria. We can now all spray it on any non-porous surface and directly spray it upright towards the center of the room to clean the air.

Now if only they can figure out how to kill that 0.01% of germs. 

Another product that's part of Lysol PHL that's worth every cent is Mortein NaturGard. It's a spray type of insect killer that provides a barrier for up to 6 months! And since it's infused with citronella oil, the scent is more addicting than repelling...for humans, at least. Actually, ninety percent of its ingredients are natural. The mother company of Mortein in Australia has prioritized safety since 1870s. In fact, the managing director, Bill Graham, drank a glass of Mortein just to prove the company's claim. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, don't do that at home or anywhere else. That was wild!

Onward and Upward!


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