Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival

There was no display of iron griddle theatrics {they probably do it inside the kitchen}, but the dishes themselves put on a good show, nonetheless, for my friends and I! Aside from Osaka Ohsho's gyoza variations, these new menu inclusions are the ones I am doting on. I would consider braving the a-test-of-patience SM mall car park queue for these. Not the long lines during weekdays. I'm talking about the loooooooong lines on weekends. 

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival salmon bacon
Salmon Bacon  PhP 370

Now this is the kind of intermingling of flavors that I like - Norwegian pink salmon, honey-cured bacon, and teppanyaki sauce! The thing that I appreciate about this {aside from the taste} is that the chunks of fish were thinly wrapped with bacon. I like the fish more than the bacon, so this works very well for me!

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival mixed mushrooms and bacon teppanyaki
Mixed Mushrooms and Bacon Teppanyaki  PhP 310

A trio of mushrooms {Shitake, Shimeji Brown, and Eringi Japanese mushrooms} with asparagus shears are hugged tightly by those sinful thin strips of joy called bacon. The delicious wraps were bathed with urinchi sauce and served with a smile. 

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival mixed shellfish teppanyaki
Mixed Shellfish Teppanyaki  PhP 325

No over-the-top garnishes or heavy seasoning for Osaka Ohsho's Mixed Shellfish Teppanyaki. They opted instead to allow the quality of the scallops, mussels, and clams to shine through. The Japanese onion sauce and sake, however, pulses the fresh seafood into an addicting state! 

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival beef teppanyaki
Sake Beef Teppanyaki  PhP 330

The only beef on the list refused to be dettered by its seafood contemporaries. The tender strips are rippled with great flavors from the Japanese sake, butter, and heaps of garlic!

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival
Sakana Matsuri Teppanyaki  PhP 420

I watched with pure delight and admiration when our savvy server placed this huge plate on our table! Gorgeously moist {what?} and rightfully seasoned slices of Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Marlin, and Norwegian Pink Salmon surrounds a pile of veggies. This plus the Black Chahan equals gastronomic contentment. 

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival prawn teppanyaki
Prawn Teppanyaki  PhP 495

Osaka Ohsho's Black Tiger Prawns teppanyaki didn't need any adornment really; a small taste of the Japanese Wasabi Mayo Dip will make you think otherwise, though. It provides the right amount of heat that will make you enjoy the prawns too much! Too much!!

Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival will be available for a limited time only. There's no specific date when the dishes will be taken out of the menu as of yet. If you wanna try a few, I suggest you go there the soonest. They're really good!

Osaka Ohsho
3/F SM Megamall Fashion Hall
EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, 
Mandaluyong City

Onward and Upward!


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