Chili's Sweet, Smoky, & Hot Dishes

I was really contemplating about my trips to Chili's prior to doing this post, and I came to the conclusion that I've never had a bad experience with that restaurant. They provide the same great service and food since my very first visit back in I-don't-know-when year. 

Chili's {and Cibo, too} is my default restaurant in Greenhills. My friends love it there, too! That's where we often meet for drinks. Oooh, yeah. Those long hours of taking a jab at each other, wondering if our high school classmate know how annoying he is on Facebook, and by the ? glass, we become the oracles of politics, religion, and life in general. We automatically know every single thing. God, we're annoying. When someone starts throwing a life changing quote into the convo, we call it a night. There's really good times at Chili's!

Chili's Pulled Pork Corn Cakes
Pulled Pork Corn Cakes  PhP 325

Now about the food. Chili's has new offerings that are sweet, smoky, and hot! Best qualities to have in both food and a significant other, right? 

Anyway, you have to try the Pulled Pork Corn Cakes! I don't usually ask people to flat-out try the food that I blog about, but this one is a must! This can be Chili's new reputation symbol! The grilled corn cakes are topped with tender pork carnitas, honey chipotle sauce, pickled red onions, cumin lime sour cream, and fresh cilantro! 

Pulled Pork Corn Cakes

Chili's Ancho Rubbed Tilapia
Ancho Rubbed Tilapia  PhP 425

My second favorite in the Chili's new roster is the Ancho Rubbed Tilapia. I'm not a total meathead. I would normally choose fish over steak any day; and those fresh fillet types are my favorite! More satisfaction, less work! 

With a garden of greens and Chili's rice on the side, the fresh tilapia is boosted with a sweet and slightly spicy Ancho chili paste, topped with corn succotash then sprinkled with cilantro and queso. Just had one for lunch a while ago. I'll have one again tomorrow.

Chili's Smoked Garlic Sirloin
Smoked Garlic Sirloin  PhP 845

Steak fiends will rejoice over this tender slab polished with honey-chipotle sauce and lots of roasted garlic! Abuse the mashed potatoes 'cause that stuff is divine, too!

Chili's Sweet Mustard Seed Baby Back Ribs
Sweet Mustard Seed Baby Back Ribs  Half Rack  PhP 665 / Full Rack  PhP 965

You know those ribs that are full of flavor on top because of the sauce, then your whole life crashes once you hit the meat because it's dull? This one is not like that. The flavors went through every strand - the one we tried at least. I haven't tried it again. It's just plain GBD {Golden Brown and Delicious!}. The fat cap is thin, and I like that! Not too much into corpora adiposa. I find that ironic because I have a lot.

Apple Berry Cobbler
Apple Berry Cobbler  PhP (I forgot the price)

A warm house made nut crumble is topped with cinnamon apples and super fresh blackberries! It has a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle drizzled with caramel syrup. It's delicious, but I pledged my loyalty to Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake years ago. That will never change. 

Apple Berry Cobbler

Chili's Sweet, Smoky, and Hot dishes are available until the end of June only, UNFORTUNATELY!

Chili's Bar and Grill
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Onward and Upward!


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