Desire: Chesnais Jewelry

charlotte chesnais eden bracelet jewelry

charlotte chesnais three lovers links ring

charlotte chesnais single hook earrings

charlotte chesnais bond bracelet

charlotte chesnais single ivy earring

Such delicate and unique jewelry pieces from former Balenciaga stylist Charlotte Chesnais! They command attention in a subtle way. I like the Ivy single earring because it's edgy and because you can fake a second piercing with that one. The Single Hook earring is a real statement piece as well. What's that famous Edie Sedgwick quote? Ah, "I bet that someone could analyze me and tell my condition by my earrings." Ivy and/or Single hook earring analysis: stylishly outré!

The Three Lovers Linked Rings reminds me of Cartier's Trinity ring. The Eden and Bond bracelets are both amazing! They're like golden snakes wrapped around the wrist. I wonder if she drew inspiration from the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I don't think you can do much with your hand once you wear it though. Pretty awesome, nonetheless.

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