Desire: Metalskin Handbags

Metalskin Handbags New York Alicia Halegua

You know that handbag itch that won't go away? You know what I'm talking about ladies, right? Well, Metalskin Handbags just gave me a crazy one! No amount of hydrocortisone will cure it. They're just too gorgeous! I rarely get into psycho mode when it comes to handbags. Seriously. 

Alicia Halegua - Miami born and now NY-based owner of Metalskin - did an excellent job in creating these l'exotique pieces that can also be placed in an art gallery. So let's see. Uhm, I like the Madison in Storm, Iridiscent, Dessert, Natural, and Metallic Olive! Also the Emerald Green and Cherry Red. I want them all!!! Wooooosaaahhhhhh.......

All photos are from here.

Onward and Upward!


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