Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge is a versatile place that offers a bevy of drinks {from serious cocktails to Turkish coffee} thanks to Lee Watson and delicious small bites care of Chef Luis Chikiamco. Oh, and they have a really talented pianist, too! I've lost count of the songs that we requested him to play. 

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge

It's great to know that Discovery Primea is paying homage to the iconic building that once stood on the spot where the present one is situated by naming the lounge Gilarmi. Built in 60s, Gilarmi Apartments was the first apartment in the country. The owner, Virgilio Hilario, named it after his son, Gil, and his Finnish beauty queen wife, Armi Kuusela. I'm obsessed with that decade, by the way; mostly because of the great Filipino fashion icons such as Baby Araneta Fores and Chona Recto Kasten.

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge

It doesn't look much based on these photos because I cranked up the flash {whooooops}, but the lounge has a very relaxing ambiance. The spot right beside the piano is prime! I could stay there for hours on end listening to sentimental tunes with my favorite drink on one hand and a bar chow on another.

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge Filipino Ceviche

Paired with some exquisite food, the cocktails were the main draw of the evening. First up were the Filipino Ceviche and Riviera Fizz. Chef Luis used spiced-infused coconut vinegar for the Fresh Marlin Ceviche {locally known as "kilawin"}. He then added coconut milk to the mix to give it a richer taste. The Riviera Fizz's tart undertone gave the ceviche's flavor an extra boost. The fine mix is composed of lemon soda, blood orange, and PacharĂ¡n La Navarra.

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge Oyster Rockefeller

My favorite pairing of the night was the Guyabano-Tarragon Mojito and Pinoy Oyster Rockefeller! The delicious New Orleans dish was infused with Filipino components such as kangkong, calamansi, and coconut vinegar. The mojito was so delicious that I had to force myself to stop after my third glass. It's light, sweet, fruity, and very refreshing!

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge Sisig

Sisig sa Riles - the riles part made me wonder for a couple of minutes until an explanation landed on my table {literally} in the form of the Gilarmi Lounge brochure. It says there that sisig was first served alongside the riles or train tracks in Pampanga. Chef Luis' modern version is cooked three ways and topped with a 63 deg C egg. The dish that has become the Philippines' culinary export is paired with a drink that also has egg: Topical Gin Fizz

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge Sisig

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge Cua Pao

The Binondo Cua Pao is composed of slow-cooked pork belly and pickled cucumbers sandwiched between sliced Mantou bread. It's paired with the Cherry Blossom and Whiskey Sour.

Discovery Primea's Gilarmi Lounge Tuna Brochettes

I enjoyed the Tuna Brochettes tremendously, too! The well-marinated and tender tuna loin is garnished with garlic gremolata and red chili. The Cilantro Sour mix was a natural match to this fresh gastro creation.

Gilarmi Lounge at Discovery Primea
6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, 1226 Philippines
Contact Nos.: +632 955.8888 | +632 9882988
Twitter: @primeamakati

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