Kumori Japanese Bakery

No artificial additives in products are much desired by consumers, but is still quite limited nowadays. Kumori Japanese Bakery proudly highlights that! Their breads are made fresh daily {their slogan is "It's Japan Baked Daily"} without bread softeners, preservatives, stabilizers, and emulsifiers that can be detrimental to your health. Since there are no preservatives, they are strict on emphasizing that their products be consumed in two days tops.

Kumori Japanese Bakery

Famous in Japan, the bakery's name means 'cloudy'. They liken the experience of devouring their really tasty goodies as biting into a wonderful cloud! Kumori really know their business. These goodies proved that they can be more than just carb-fuel for the hungry.

Kumori Japanese Bakery

I like the Signature Hanjuku Cheese {PhP 48/piece} the best! It's fluffy, light, not too sweet, but still quite filling. It has a chocolate variant, too! I find the original flavor better because I'm not really too fond of chocolates. Yeah, yeah, I'm a weirdo.

The Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun {PhP 58} comes in a close second for me. They really take that "softness" thing seriously! It's soft, dense, and filled with delicious egg custard. I like it when the filling is slightly melted and oozing out of its cavern as you slice through.

I gotta kick out of the Salmon Bonito {PhP 65} just for its uniqueness alone. The two skewered buns are filled with salmon, drizzled with teriyaki sauce, and peppered with bonito flakes! It's delicious and can serve as a meal on its own.

Raging matchaholics will love Kumori's Soft Matcha Bun {PhP 48}! It's got custardy matcha for a filling, and the top is sprinkled with it for extra matcha love! 

Smear some jelly, jam, cheese, cream...you know what? It doesn't matter. Kumori's Butter Croissant {PhP 55} - as the name suggests - is already enriched with fine European butter, eating it on its own is already pleasurable.

You can get some Kumori love at these locations:

Landmark Makati basement level
SM Makati basement level

Instagram: @kumoriph

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