McDonald's Is Encouraging Kids to Read

This is, by far, the best McDonald's Happy Meal inclusion for me! The first-ever Happy Meal Books is The Magic School Bus series created by the famous children's book author Joanna Cole {pen name B.J. Barnet}, with illustrations by Bruce Degen. 

There are six books to collect from the series: On the Ocean Floor, Inside the Earth, The Time of the Dinosaurs, Plants Seeds, Makes a Rainbow, and my favorite, Lost in the Solar System. 

McDonald's Happy Meal The Magic School Bus Books

The benefits of reading have been emphasized so many times. The outcome has even been backed up by science! The obvious benefit is gaining new knowledge, of course; but aside from that, reading reduces stress and helps sharpen the brain as we age.

I love to read whatever material I could get my hands on; particularly books. I developed a strong reading habit early on because of the school I attended and because of my dad. He encouraged {actually, 'forced' is a better word}, me to read, and read a lot! He was very frugal, and would rarely buy us clothes, gadgets, or take us to fancy restaurants. That's my mom's thing. He never complained about me hoarding books, though. Even when we travel, the only thing he was willing to buy me were books. I'm really grateful for that. My boys have developed the habit, too! They're both avid readers. 

McDonald's Happy Meal The Magic School Bus Books

As always, with every purchase of a Happy Meal, a portion goes to the Ronald McDonald House Charities' Read to Learn program. It aims to promote reading to first grade public school students by providing reading kits for both students and teachers. It has benefitted 8.6 million students to date.

McDonald's Happy Meal The Magic School Bus Books

Well done, McDonald's! I hope that they continue to include educational materials in their Happy Meal in the future. The books have all been available since the 8th of May this year. You can get your kid a Happy Meal Book at the McDonald's branch nearest you!

Now bring back the McGriddles! Please!!!!!

Onward and Upward!


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