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Parking can be a struggle as well as scoring a seat, but both can be overlooked once the food crawls on your taste buds. Nav specializes in modern Thai cuisine that are both comforting and slightly edgy. They're not really pushing for something entirely unique just to emphasize a modern twist and buck the basic. What they have is a good modification. Below are Nav's new dishes that are worth going for seconds!

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Pad Thai Spring Rolls
Pad Thai Spring Rolls  PhP 200

Light, delicious, and healthy! I can eat Nav's Pad Thai Spring Rolls 5x a day for a month! Train of thought: maybe I should. I could lose weight that way. Sure it has the usual stuffing wrapped with the translucent rice paper, but it's the sauce that continuously taunts the taste buds for more. Chef Francis went the extra mile to get the sauce right. No, not just right; it was perfect.

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Tom Yum Fried Chicken
Tom Yum Fried Chicken  PhP 350

Oh, hell, this was as tasty as tasty could get! It's rich in tom yum's hot and tangy flavors but with an accent of sweetness. That went through all the way to the tender flesh. It's the crispy and flavorful skin that will leave a lasting impression, though.

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Khao Soi
Khao Soi with Crispy Chicken Wings  PhP 350

Comforting with each slurp, this textured murky soup - that can also be laksa's long lost sister - is richer in taste and heavy on the aroma. The heat doesn't overwhelm, but it does have a gradual burn that makes its presence known in the end; not to the point of niggling your sinuses, though. I love it with lots of cilantro. 

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Thai Crispy Pata
Thai Crispy Pata  PhP 650

It's kinda hard to share Nav's Thai Crispy Pata with anyone. The slab was cooked to a tee with the skin being extra crispy and the meat soft. It's slightly deluged with salty and tangy sauce and riddled with toasted garlic bits. Really delicious!

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Rib Eye Green Curry
Rib Eye Green Curry  PhP 450

A well prepared dish of tender rib eye cubes generously laced with thick and creamy green curry. It's heavy on chopped cilantro, and I like that! 

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Crab Fried Rice
Crab Fried Rice  PhP 280

The Crab Fried Rice is the one that makes the Tom Yum Fried Chicken, Thai Crispy Pata, and Rib Eye Green Curry extra pleasurable. The crab flavor wasn't as pronounced, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine
16-C United St, Pasig, Metro Manila

(02) 655 8395
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