Super Coffee: An Instant Coffee Game-Changer

What is a Super Coffee? For starters, it's delicious! Really delicious, especially the Toffee Caramel and Roasted Hazelnut! Secondly, they use charcoal roasting - a technique that faithfully captures the aroma and buttery characteristics of a super brew.

super coffee

The Singapore-born brand is strict in using high quality beans from Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The super process is also done with care and precision! The beans are roasted for hours at the specific temperature of 418 degrees Fahrenheit at 12 minutes per cycle.

While the roasted beans is grinded down, the essence is fully extracted to create an extremely concentrated coffee. This process really justifies the name of the brand! As per their claim, Super coffee is 48x stronger than regular coffee! Talk about a good caffeine jolt!

Instant coffee has been given a bad rep compared to regular brewed until experts found out that instant coffee has less cholesterol and is really pumped with antioxidants!

super coffee

We did a blind taste test between Super Coffee and the leading brand, by the way. The former wins by a mile! The aroma itself {especially the Hazelnut!} made my brain go fuzzy from want! For an instant coffee, Super has a really good body. I'm really quite surprised by that. Plus, it's delicious! Yes, I already said that, but that bit of information deserves a second go.


  • Original
  • Brown Sugar
  • Salted Caramel
  • Charcoal Roasted White Coffee
  • Charcoal Roasted Hazelnut {favorite}
  • Charcoal Roasted Toffee Caramel {my ultimate favorite!!}

You can have a Super fill at these places! Do give them a try! 

Super Coffee
Facebook: Super Coffee PH
Instagram: @supercoffeeph

Onward and Upward!


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