Vintage Bond Girls in Swimsuits

The gadgets, the locations, the cars, the songs, and the gorgeous Bond girls! Sure some of their names are obvious innuendos which I'm pretty sure someone out there have slapped a misogynist label to, but I can't help it! I love James Bond movies and the Bond girls! 

I can't help but be wowed by the Bond girls, especially when they're in swimsuits. I just like the female form far better. With guys I'm like, "Ooh, hottie!!!!!!" With women, it's a different level of desire. Something like, "That body is a killer! Why can't I be like that?! I want to wake up tomorrow with that body! Exactly that! I hate her! She's really gorgeous!"  Women.

I'm such a huge fan of these women. I blame my mom. She was a Bond fiend, and would constantly heap praises on Sean Connery's coolness and how sexy the Bond girls were. That got me all intrigued, so one no-school day, I watched Diamonds Are Forever {Betamax style}, and thought that Tiffany Case was one powerful lady! Not the usual damsel-in-distress-i'm-pretty-much-useless type of a woman. Here are the rest:

Vintage Bond Girls in Swimsuits Ursula Andres White Bikini

Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder in her iconic white two-piece bikini with a belt knife in Dr. No. Honey Ryder emerging from the blue waters of Ocho Rios, Jamaica is regarded as the most important moment in the history of bikini and is considered as a "defining moment in the sixties liberalization of screen eroticism".

Vintage Bond Girls in Swimsuits Tiffany Case

Tiffany Case {Jill St. John}, named after the luxury jewelry retailer, plays a diamond smuggler slash man hater in Diamonds Are Forever. 

Vintage Bond Girls in Swimsuits

Martin Besswick, in a floral bikini, appeared in two James Bond movies; first is From Russia with Love as a gypsy girl and the second movie is Thunderball as Paula Caplan. Thumper {Trina Parks} kept it simple and solid in a lemon yellow bikini. Love the belly chain!

Vintage Bond Girls in Swimsuits Kissy Suzuki

A beautiful ninja who looks amazing in ivory bikini and sneaks! Mie Hama plays the role of Kissy Suzuki in You Only Live Twice. 

Vintage Bond Girls in Swimsuits Domino Derval

French beauty Claudine Auger wore a elegant black and white bikini {to symbolize her movie name Domino, perhaps?} in the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball. 

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