Alqueria Tapas, Paellas Y Bistecas: Serving Fine Spanish Cuisine

A double take on the restaurant's signage confirms a transformation. To be honest, I never really noticed that Boqueria is now Alqueria when I pass by the area until we had dinner there a couple of days ago. Whatever they want to call it or whatever the reason is for the name change is fine by me as long as they continue to serve good food! From start to finish, my good friends and I were served fine Spanish dishes that didn't cut back on piquancy.

Alqueria SM Megamall Jamon Serrano
Cangrejo con Jamón serrano   PhP 250

Oh, how I love thee! Our palates were primed excellently with the deep, salty flavor of the dry-cured ham mixed with the crab meat. To level out the taste, brown butter was added to these delicious rolls.

Alqueria SM Megamall Salpicao
Salpicao  PhP 445

The pink-in-the-core tenderloin cubes come with a heap of dizzyingly good bits of garlic. Bathing on the Spanish paprika and olive oil mix, each tender beef is filled with good flavors. It took a good amount of will power on my part not to be selfish enough to eat it all.

Alqueria SM Megamall Pescado al Horno
Pescado al Horno Lapu-Lapu 

The fresh catch for the Pescado al Horno are usually Salmon {PhP 735}, Tuna {PhP 550}, and Red Snapper {PhP 670}. Those are the choices on their menu. Available that day was the lapu-lapu. It's not that I'm complaining or nothing. In fact, there's nothing to complain about. The baked fish marinated in white wine, olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs was superb!

Alqueria SM Megamall Paella Valenciana Grande
Paella Valenciana Grande  Small  PhP 560 / Medium  PhP 910  / Large  PhP 1,480

The Paella Valencia Grande is one of the most in-demand dishes at Alqueria Restaurante. Scrimping on the toppings is not part of the resto's DNA, as you can see. The al dente grains are jammed with such good flavors from the saffron-infused stock that the calories I seized becomes forgivable. Since I'm lazy, my wish is to have the seafood peeled and shelled so that I can get right away to the most pleasurable part: eating!!!

Alqueria SM Megamall  Pata de Cochinillo
Pata de Cochinillo  PhP 888

Pata de Cochinillo was amazing!  The 21-day old suckling pig ham was roasted perfectly, and had wonderful crackled blisters that signals the crunchiness of that skin! Dip a chunk of that with the tender meat in their house-made sauce for a memorable experience. Please, do allow me to be redundant. This was amazing!


There's so much flavor seeping into the marbled flesh of this dry-aged porterhouse! You know what made it extra fantastic? Herbed yoghurt! Slap a dollop of that on your meat. The porterhouse is not a staple in Alqueria's Bistecas, but from time to time, they do have it in stock. Other cuts on the menu are Rib-Eye and Tenderloin

Alqueria SM Megamall Crema Catalana
Crema Catalana  PhP 138

The Crema Catalana is the Spanish version of Crème brûlée - silky smooth and delicious with a subtle citrusy flavor. I'd love it better if it's not too sweet.

Alqueria SM Megamall Manchego Cheesecake
Manchego Cheesecake  PhP 230

This, on the other hand, was fantastic! I swear to God, if I don't fear having diabetes all that much, I'd eat 3 of this in one sitting! The dense and delicious Alqueria cheesecake is filled with lots of manchego cheese and cream cheese! The cheese furor doesn't end there. The slice was topped with melted-kill-me-with-pleasure manchego cheese. Hells!

Alqueria Tapas, Paellas, Y Bistecas
3rd Level Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
EDSA corner J. Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City
Facebook: Alqueria
Instagram: @AlqueriaPH
Twitter: @AlqueriaPH

Onward and Upward!


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