I am Kim Stone Bowl Bibimbap Restaurant

After the upsetting demise {dammit!} of Chef Him Uy de Baron's Nomama comes the birth of his latest baby: I am Kim! It's a bibimbap haven - a great place to visit when you want to be gastronomically surprised. 

I fancy this restaurant based on three circumstantial proofs - the food is really good, you can create your own Korean mixed rice wonder, and they don't scrimp on the ingredients. 

You know, Chef Him's Instagram username is @himstheman. Catchy with a lot of cool, but it can't just be all that. You gotta back that up. For instance, can he fly? Nope, but he can cook, and he's really good at it. I eat, and I eat a lot, so we're good.

He {or Him} doesn't do boring nor bland, and he is really good at combining the right kind of flavors that always leave me dumbfounded.

Once I got my first taste of his {or Him's - so confusing!} umami butter, I immediately knew that he deserves that username. That thing is the culmination of everything good in life. It touches both your palate and your very soul. Nah, I can't be a poet. I suck.

I AM KIM Korean Fried Dumpling
Korean Fried Dumpling  PhP 170

I am Kim has compelled me for a few revisits; five to date. Their bowls are filled to the brim and pretty much hefty for one. Even though they fill me up to the point of regurgitation, I can't go there without having the Korean Fried Dumplings {deep-fried chicken and shitake}. Wrap one with shiso leaf, spike it with the Korean spicy sauce, and enjoy!

I AM KIM Korean Fried Dumpling

I AM KIM Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries with Gochujang-glazed bacon bits and poached egg

This is a new one from I am Kim. There are two, actually. Above is the Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries with Gochujang-glazed bacon bits and poached egg. Good! The other one is the Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries with Adobo Flakes, Kimchi, and poached egg. Better!

I AM KIM Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries with Adobo Flakes, Kimchi, and poached egg

I AM KIM Korean Sausage
Korean Sausage  PhP 160

Ground pork and beef crepinette wrapped in shiso leaves. The kimchi slaw definitely ups the ante. This is delicious too, but among the appetizers, the Korean Fried Dumpling is king!

I AM KIM Korean Sausage

BBQ Bap  PhP 360 (Medium) / PhP 480 (Large)

The BBQ Bap is one of the the 9 Composed Baps at I am Kim. There's a lot of stuff going on in that bowl that gastrofreaks will find pleasure in. It has barbecued chicken and beef, tofu, spinach, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, kimchi, and sous vide egg. You can zap it with either the bulgogi or gochujang sauce or both. It's bibimbap taken to the hilt!

I AM KIM Estancia Mall

I AM KIM The B.E.C Bap
The B.E.C Bap  PhP 290 (Medium) / PhP 400 (Large)

The acronym stands for Bacon, Egg, and Chicken. The bacon was cooked to a fantastic crackle much to my good friend's {Richiest} delight. When meshed together and funked up by accoutrements, the whole thing becomes glorious. 

I AM KIM Salmon and Tuna Bap
Salmon and Tuna Bap  PhP 420

The Salmon and Tuna Bap has the most subdued taste amongst all that we've ordered. Subdued doesn't mean unexciting. In fact, this is my favorite at I am Kim! It has layers of great flavors starting with the fresh chunks of salmon and tuna! It's textured with carrots and leeks, and made creamy with sous vide egg. 

I forgot the price. Sorry.

The Steak and Egg Bap is, obviously, stamped with a wow factor in the form of Kitayama Wagyu Steak! The gorgeous strips are perched on top of the delicious kimchi fried rice! This is really an addicting bowl, but despite that factor I really can't finish one serving. It's big and very filling. I mean, not that I'm complaining or anything. I welcome that, of course. Bang for the buck! Dump all the umami butter in there. Trust me. That stuff is legendary!

I am Kim
Lower Level Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons,
Pasig City
Contact No.: (+632) 524.25.58
Facebook: I am Kim
Instagram: @iamkimph

Onward and Upward!


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