A Dinner and A Show at Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

A Dinner and A Show at Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

With its location, fantastic main dining hall, and sophisticated ambience, one could easily bracket Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant as a place that will burn a huge hole in one's pocket. Their lunch sets are actually fairly priced as well as their Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki. The latter is what we went there for, and it was a not-to-be-missed experience!

The award-winning restaurant's {Philippine Tatler and Tatler Asia's Best Restaurant} main entrance.

Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

Yurakuen's main dining room is massive! The focal point is the glass-cherry blossom tree that lits up come nightfall. It's a thing of beauty.

Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

You'll pass by a couple of teppanyaki tables before you reach the door of the main dining area. Panoramic windows surround the huge semicircular space with rock garden and waterfalls as backdrop. Despite the size of the place, the overall ambiance is very calming and homey.

Yurakuen Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki

Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant Sashimi Platter

Everything that you see here comes in unlimited portions or until you tap out from having too much starting with the Sashimi Platter {fresh thick chunks of tuna, grouper, red snapper, salmon, cuttle fish, mackerel, and freshwater eel}. 

Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant Sushi Platter

Sushi Platter - Tuna, Grouper, Crab Stick, Mackerel, Flying Fish Roe, Salmon, Shrimp, and Egg. They also have California Roll, Dragon Roll, and Tempura Roll. They don't just look delicious, by the way. They really were delicious!

Before you devour all the sashimi and sushi, you'll be given a Soup and a Salad. You have three choices for both. Garden, Chuka Wakame, and Crab Stick for the salad and Miso, Egg, and Seaweed for the soup.

I really didn't bother to eat that much salad and soup because I was saving a lot of room for the main event. 
Chef Bebong showed us the 'guests' for his show that night. There's squid, cuttlefish, huge scallops, prawns, and a bevy of garden picks. 

Since we're big rice eaters, we asked our chef to cook the Mixed Fried Rice first so that we can focus more on the rest as we go along. Rice is everything, people!

There's really no strict rule when it comes to which one should be cooked first. You can ask your chef whatever it is you want to start with. Our chef, from time to time, would recommend what should be cooked next, and since he's the expert, we happily obliged. 

Chef Bebong started with the seafood selection. I swear to whoever it is I worship that those scallops were superb! They were so good; they practically begged us to be eaten! Both sides were slightly charred, and the core was extremely juicy, sweet, and soft! The supporting sauce is the ponzu, but with the quality of that meat, you can definitely eat it without.

Salmon and Prawns

The chef went on to cook the Tenderloin and Short Ribs after. 

By this time, our chef was dazzling us with his teppanyaki skills that we almost lost our focus on the food. I said almost. But then, he sliced those tender hunks and placed it on our plates. A quick bite brought us back to another state of trance. Damn that was good meat! 

Short Ribs

There's more! Noodle fiends will be delighted with their short, but pleasurable list. Yaki Soba and Cold Udon are just some that you can stuff your belly with.

The Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki at Yurakuen offers Mixed Fruits, Ice Cream {Green Tea and Black Sesame}, and Hot Sweet Red Beans for dessert. I had the Green Tea and Mixed Fruits. The Green Tea is topped with sweetened red beans. It was the perfect palate tamer after all those grilled meat.

Oh, by the way, Hot and Iced Sweetened Teas both have an unlimited serving, too! 

Not Part of the Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki But A Definite Must-Try!

Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant Wagyu A5

Hyperacidity was threatening to go full-scale when the Wagyu A5 came out. I was just too full, but come hell or high water, I told myself that I will eat that meat! The wagyu was, and I can say this with confidence, the linchpin of of our Yurakuen dinner. 

The chef cooked mine in the perfect medium rare with slivers of garlic and a knob of butter for extra flavor. The texture was just that, by the way - buttery soft. A small, calm bite into the meat released all those mind-blowing juices that were, for lack of a better word, mouthgasmic. It was a sin to cover that glorious meat with even a drop of garlic sauce, so I went au naturel.  

Thank you for making our dining experience at Yurakuen an amazing one, Chef! They say that it takes years to be an excellent teppanyaki chef. Aside from juggling mushrooms and making scallops dance, an excellent teppanyaki chef entails not burning your customers' eyebrows or accidentally squirting oil in their eyes. Well, thanks for not doing all those to us, too.

I like Yurakuen's Eat-All-You-Can Teppanyaki better than the conventional buffet because they're focused on the quality of the ingredients, and not just on quantity. As with most buffets, the mere sight of rows and rows of food makes me satiated even before I start. I end up eating less than I originally planned. Yep, I am a great gobbler. With this, I ate more than I should. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Price: PhP 2,800 nett/person

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant 
Diamond Hotel Manila
Roxas Blvd. corner J. Quintos St., Manila, PHL
Contact Nos.: (632) 528-3000 or (632) 305-3000
Instagram: @diamondhotelph

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