BONO Gelato x Hendrick's Gin: The Most Unusual Frozen Delights

First and foremost, the new creations by BONO are not gelato, but they can pass up for one. The sorbets surprisingly has that {slightly} creamy factor that BONO gelato is famous for. 

Each of the 4 variants {Hendrick's and Tonic, Gin Basil Smash, Lychee & Gin, and Mango Citrus} are spiked with Hendrick's Gin. Yes, they are quite unusual and once they're somewhat melted, they pretty much resemble a chilled alcoholic slushy!

BONO Gelato x Hendrick's Gin: The Most Unusual Frozen Delights

Above are not the serving sizes for each flavor; they are the smaller versions. I had to take those because I have a low tolerance for alcohol. I can't have a buzz {though good} at 4 in the afternoon.

BONO Gelato's SM Makati branch

The actual serving portions contain 6% alcohol. "Our challenge in creating the Hendrick's Gin sorbets was to stay true to the original flavors while adapting the properties of a sorbet," according to Chef Zarah Manikan.

When it comes to flavor, I tip my hat off to the chefs of BONO. They really nailed that one. Each and every variant's flavor is undoubtedly distinct, and thankfully, not subdued. This unwavering trademark extends to the 4 sorbets, too!

Hendrick's & Tonic - A salute to the classic gin & tonic with a cucumber twist. 

Gin Basil Smash - Fresh lemon juice and basil are added to the gin.

Lychee & Gin - A recipe of BONO that's been refashioned from the original Ayrshine Twinkle cocktail. It is a combo of white wine and lychee. This is my top bet amongst all four! It's sweet, refreshing, and light with the right amount of kick.

Mango Citrus - My second favorite! An original recipe by BONO that highlights two of the famous Filipino fruits: Mango and Calamansi. A truly delicious fruity treat for grown-ups!

Like chilled vodka shots, I think that these sorbets will be a big hit at parties. If you wanna try these unusual and really delicious treats, head over to any BONO Gelato branch

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