Chibi's Kaaraage at SM Light

Cute is the word that first entered my mind when I heard of Chibi's Karaage. The name of the fast food joint itself has a charming undertone. It's like a moniker of some sort. I later found out that 'chibi' means small child in Japanese. Appropriately named so, I believe, because the place's strongest customers would be just that: kids. This will be a big hit for the little ones and for the adults who prefer a quick and tasty bite!

Bento Karaage  PhP 155

What did I tell you? Even the presentation is cute, right? If you're going to Chibi's Karaage for the first time, you may wanna start with this one - if you want something to go with your karaage other than the sauce, that is. Rice is love!!! It's the acknowledged star of Chibi's bento list! 

The chicken blocks bare no excessive coating nor unnecessary grease, and they are delicious! There are a dozen sauces available to amplify it - from the tongue-biting sweet chili to the classic mayo. We opted for the latter.

I love Iced Tea a lot! It gives me real pleasure to find delicious ones that doesn't taste like your average grocery find. Chibi's Karaage's House Blend Iced Tea {PhP 55} is refreshingly good without that overly sweet factor that most on the cheap joints prefer. 

Karaage  Large PhP 120 / Regular PhP 90

Each karaage order comes with 2 sauces. You can make your own combo or opt for just one. I find the Takoyaki bathed karaage as the propeller of happiness. It gave the crispy coated meat a fusion of sweetness and tanginess it deserves. Second best in my humble opinion is the Original Spice, and third is the Cheese. 

Yakisoba  PhP 90

A pretty rich mix of noodles, julienned veggies, pickled ginger, bonito flakes, and a concoction of sauce with a good balance of salty and sweet. I honestly wasn't expecting much from this one when it first landed on our table. Thankfully, it didn't turn out to be just decent. It's actually delicious enough for a repeat!

Buta no Kakuni  PhP 175

The Buta no Kakuni is a must-taste at Chibi's, too! Braised pork chunks covered with glistening mix of mirin, dashi, sugar, sake, and soy sauce. Do attempt to flavor the rice with that sauce. It's yummy!

Chibi's Karaage
G/F SM Light EDSA corner Madison Street
Contact No. (+63917) 535.75.29
Facebook: Chibi's Karaage
Instagram: @chibiskaraageph

Onward and Upward!


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