FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center

Fat - the oft-invoked nutrient with demonic reputation is highlighted in the fairly new fat-centric restaurant in BGC. To this, I say hell yeah! It is high time that fat is given the love it deserves! I want it so much on my food; I just hate it when it crawls its way to my body, and stays there.

But anyway, here's why I like FAT restaurant:

1.) Chef Mikel Zaguirre of the Locavore fame is bold enough to venture in the fantastic world of fat! Plus, he fashioned the dishes in such a way that an apology to your arteries is not needed. They're neither annoyingly oily nor destructively satiating.

2.)  The dishes at FAT are so good, and the textures heavenly.

The utilitarian interior features raw walls, caged pendants, and marble-top tables. 

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Bar Mix
Bar Mix  PhP 290

Dredging the popcorn and 12 spiced nuts with the salted caramel and clarified butter is a sight to behold. The outcome is a savory sweet snack pumped with a lot of texture.

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Green Tea Chicharon
Green Tea Chicharon  PhP 190

My love for chicharon is summed up in a line from Macy Gray's song, I Try: 'My world crumbles when you are not near'. I just can't resist a good deep-fried pork rind, so help my God. FAT's version are massive hunks of the house made chicharon sprinkled with Green Tea Salt plus a Honey Vinegar dip and pickled onions and cucumber on the side. It's delicious! You can ask your server to have them chopped in bite-size pieces prior to serving.

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Pork's Ear En Croute
Pork's Ear En Croute  PhP 370

High on the Fat Snacks' throne is the Pork's Ear En Croute! This is definitely my favorite! Outstanding! In a way, it's a pork sisig revamp on sourdough. It's funked up with some goat cheese, mango mayo, saffron aioli, raspberry vinaigrette, pico de gallo, and herb oil. 

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Grilled Uni Salad
Grilled Uni Salad  PhP 750

This is salad taken to the hilt, people! Chunks of fresh mango, pico de gallo, sesame dressing, and sour cream ups the ante of this already superlative dish of grilled uni on a beet lavash and a low pile of romaine lettuce.

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Duck Burger
Duck Burger  PhP 510

I'm not too much of a burger geek, but I still find this one irresistibly fantastic! The thick pimenton-dusted duck patty is crowned with melted gruyère and emmental plus a chunk of heaven called foie gras. 

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Salmon and Uni pasta
Salmon and Uni Pasta  PhP 780

If you wanna get FAT for the first time, I suggest you try the Salmon and Uni Pasta. If euphoria has a an equivalent in taste, this would be it. The seashell pasta are swimming in an incredible creamy {thank you, 64-degree egg} sauce that's not heavy enough nor too rich to be satiating. In other words, it's perfect. Perched like a boss on top is the flaky sous vide-cooked salmon. Just to make everything extra intense, uni and super crispy salmon skins were added. 

FAT Restaurant at Forbes Town Center Donut
Choux Donuts  PhP 280

The rich creamy banana filling was enough to make me love FAT's Choux Donuts. But then there's the trio of sauces {Crème Anglaise, Nutella, Chocolate Espresso Sauce} to elevate the taste of each fried ball, too! The Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake is another reason not to skip the dessert at FAT. Layers of praline mousse, crème chantilly, and a side of crème anglaise makes for one decadent slice!

FAT Restaurant
Forbes Town Center, 29th Street corner Riza Drive,
BGC (across the street from The Mind Museum)
Contact Nos.: (63917) 579.19.36 / (632) 834.86.00
Facebook: FAT Restaurant
Instagram: @fatrestaurant

Onward and Upward!


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