H Cuisine: Home of The Most Awesome Beef Belly

Fuss-free dishes that focuses on the flavor rather than the presentation is how Chef Hanna of H Cuisine describes her creations. I like that. I think that's how it should really be, don't you think? Her other goal is to have is to give each dish a homey appeal along with some twists that are uniquely her own.

The Most Awesome Beef Belly  PhP 558

The name of the dish is not an exaggeration nor is it a form of narcissism. They backed those words up with so much awesomeness, I was shaking as I ate it from too much delight! This is H Cuisine's showpiece.

The Angus beef hunks are ultra tender, and once the gravy is poured in, it becomes extraordinary! My husband, my friend, and I finished three orders. No shame in that, I tell you.

Each order comes with a candle food warmer below the plate to ensure a gratifying experience in each bite and to avoid the formation of tallow.

Eggplant Moussaka  PhP 208

Those who want to have a delicious lasagna without the extra guilt due to the pasta's carbs will love the Eggplant Moussaka. It tastes exactly like lasagna! It's pumped with ground beef, cheese, tomato sauce, and of course, eggplant. 

Fish Fillet with Spiked Mushroom Sauce   PhP 298

This is one of the two fish dishes that I like at H Cuisine. The other one is the Teriyaki Glazed Milkfish Belly! Creamy white wine sauce envelopes the flaky fish chunks. They are topped with grated cheese, and for extra pleasure, bacon bits!

Clams in Garlic Infused EVOO Linguine  PhP 288

The Clams in Garlic-Infused EVOO Linguine is one of the must-haves at H Cuisine. My friends and I plaudits on the fact that they didn't scrimp on the clams. Each pasta strip is penetrated with the fine juices of the clams and the smoky flavor of bacon. 

Beef Belly Fried Rice and Loaded Taco Salad  PhP 228

The Most Awesome Beef Belly is already mind-blowing alone, but becomes better with steamed white rice; with the Beef Belly Fried Rice, it turns into a tasty explosion! Chef Hanna cooked the fried rice in front of us right after frying the beef belly. She used the oil that was drained out from the beef belly for the fried rice! Slivers of the beef were added, a cup of their special demi-glace gravy, onions, garlic, bell pepper, and I suspect, a unicorn. It's so damn good! The fried rice will be available in H Cuisine's branches very soon!

Another favorite at H Cuisine is the Loaded Taco Salad. Resting deliciously above and below the crispy chips were chunks of lettuce, salsa, ground beef, grated cheese, and generous amount of aioli. Upon the recommendation of Chef Hanna, we added a couple of drops of Mama Sita's Hot Sauce to the mix. Delicious!

Warm Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream  PhP  148

It comes as no surprise that H Cuisine's desserts are must-haves, too. Before Chef Hanna created her truly The Most Awesome Beef Belly, she was first focused on crafting really good desserts - really good and reasonably priced! The one above is a best-loved sweet treat at the said restaurant. The toffee pudding is heavenly and not too sweet. My boys and I usually share one order of that. I also like their Flourless Chocolate Cake a lot!

H Cuisine 
Address: 7427-B Yakal St. San Antonio Village, Makati City
Contact Nos.: (02)887.2370 / (63917)590.8000
Facebook: H Cuisine
Instagram:  @hcuisine

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