Photo Lust: Unsplash x Apple

By Luke Chesser

That's my photo in the middle!

By Kirill Zakharov

By Kirill Zakharov

I got notified by Unsplash that my photo was included in the Unsplash x Apple event at the latter's store on Rue Sainte-Catherine in Montreal last night. I may or may not have said a couple of profanities out of total surprise before I was able to calm myself down for a reply. If I just had breakfast when I received that wonderful news, I would've surely blown a couple of chunks from the shock alone.

What an honor, really! The event is - these are their words not mine - "to showcase some of the best Unsplash photos shot with iPhones, as well as some of the amazing things being created with them by creatives from around the world."

Can I just briefly tell you why I joined Unsplash? Well, you're here reading this, so that leaves you with very little choice. I love how the photos are curated; that's the first one. Secondly, I love and have long admired great photos and great photographers such as this one, this one, and this one. I just suck at taking one. I'm not trying to be humble about it or anything. That's what I truly believe. More on this later. Brace yourself for a mini novel.

From time to time, my family would give me a compliment or two, but that's only because we're bonded by DNA. They can't help it. If they don't do that, feelings get hurt; plus, there's a big chance I won't cook their favorite dish. Stuff like that.

I joined because I wanted to see if one other person {who's not related to me or bound to give me niceties} would find my photos good. Lo and behold, someone else did! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my shot would get picked for something like this, let alone be featured in Unsplash. It's a big thing for me because it's a vote of confidence {by experts} for something that I really love doing. So, thank you to the Unsplash team and Spotify's Art Director, Tobias van Schneider, for choosing my photo as part of the featured 10 a couple of months ago! Really, thanks!

I don't see myself as a good photobug, and never will I think of myself as that. A wise guy told me once that the killer of creativity is not laziness; it is complacency. He said that it doesn't matter how big or how little your achievement is, once you hammer it into your brain, you will garner a sense of pride, and eventually become complacent.

I will, however, take a few swigs to celebrate this great news later.

Onward and Upward! 

Photos are from here and here.


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