Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers

My boys and I have been a Yabu fan for 3 years now, and so far, they have never given us a reason to be an enemy yet. Let's give the wood a knock or three for that. They've been consistent with the quality of food and service since the very first time I queued up to have a taste of that now famous katsu.

Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers

Two new additions to their menu were recently launched: Ebi Katsu Burger and the Hire Katsu Burger! The burgers looked small on the menu photos, but when both landed on our table, I was pretty overwhelmed.

Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers
Ebi Katsu Burger  PhP 420

I like - nah, that's too tame a word - I went briefly into a state of divine pleasure when I tried the Ebi Katsu Burger! Between the two, my vote is on this one. The deep-fried ebi katsu is packed tight with black tiger prawns. No extenders or fillers were used. The crispy circular wonder is topped with shiso leaves, Japanese pickled, caramelized onion jam, and shredded cabbage.

On the side comes a delicious not-to-be-ignored serving of Furikake Fries! Those potato sticks are helluva good, I tell you! Dip them in the spicy aioli. In fact, smear a generous amount of the spicy aioli on your burjah, too!

Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers

You can actually choose between the Furikake French Fries and a Chicken Salad. I'd choose the second one if the fries doesn't exist.

Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers

Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers
Hire Katsu Burger  PhP 360

Just because I professed my love for Yabu's Ebi Katsu Burger doesn't mean that the Hire Katsu Burger is must-skip. It's delicious, too! I just really like shrimps better than pork. 

The Hire Katsu Burger is actually more filling than the Ebi Katsu Burger. It comes with the same toppings, and the same choices for the sides.

What makes both extra amazing are the brioche buns. They come lightly toasted, tasty, slightly moist, and soft {but can still hold the katsu perfectly}. 

Yabu's Ebi and Hire Katsu Burgers

Yabu House of Katsu
2/F Glorietta 5, Makati Avenue, Makati City
Contact No.: (+632) 823.69.03
Website: www.yabu.ph
Twitter: @yabuph
Instagram: @yabuph

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