A Gas3nomic Brunch that Goes Beyond the Basic

From time to time, you have that craving to deviate from the familiar; to seek dishes that will give all your senses a good thrill. The dishes presented at Gas3nomic was just that. They were complicated with a strong transformation of different locally-sourced {yay for this!} ingredients. They still, however, remained recognizable and definitely delicious!

But that's the goal of Gas3nomic Culinary Events. They want to "elevate the gastronomic appreciation and culinary creativity." What they offer are not just for mere sustenance or something you take to hush hunger pangs. They were created to be appreciated.

First up was the Faux Salmon Bene - a mock-up of a breakfast and brunch favorite: Eggs Benedict. The salmon, perched on top of the brioche, was brined in coffee. Textures, additional flavors, and hues comes from the slivers of new potato chips, tobiko, pickles, and radish flower. A sea of cured egg yolk anchors the dish.

The Farm is, undoubtedly, a pretty dish of wonderful colors and flavors! It's homage to Chef Michel Roux. Locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and flowers are thoughtfully piled up and dressed with malted nage. Labne with Hacienda Macalauan yogurt and burnt bread soil fueled up the taste as well as a generous sprinkle of oat and coconut. 

All the dishes served were filled with exciting and eye-opening flavors, but the Bacon Banana Butternilk was the leader of the pack for me. A fantastic mix of a delicious small slab of bacon with whipped buttermilk butter, berry confit, black sesame spread, spiced honey, and overripe banana waffle! 

Momofuku's Chef David Chang's ssäm sauce was the chief inspiration for the Steaksilog. The ssäm romesco amplified the pot of wagyu flank, black garlic rice, egg white and honey souffle, and wild mushroom. 

Even the veggie-averse will find comfort in this zucchini cake dessert named The Summer Kat. My friend, Richie {a self-confessed veggie hater and bacon freak}, finished everything in a crack! The candied bacon bits most probably did it for him. Apart from the moist square itself, my undoing was the dulce de leche and hot chocolate sauce!

The whole experience was devoid of the what-the-hell-am-I-gonna-eat moment. The chefs walked us through each one very well. So, in the end, we got two things: a fill of good food and a quick culinary 101. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

Gas3nomic Brunch was a one-day event that happened last Saturday {29th of August}. There's no word yet if they're planning to make it a regular thing. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

Gas3nomic Brunch
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