ArroZeria's Tapas, Paella, Fideuà, Risotto, and the La Guapa

With their extensive list of paella, Arrozeria can easily be a favorite place for rice obsessives. I am one of those carb happy individuals. Going to Arrozeria makes me giddy like an obsessed fan who's about to see a half-naked Johnny Depp. After all, with former El Buli chef Luis 'Chele' Gonzalez at the helm, I'm assured of an authentic homespun of great Spanish dishes. 

Pimiento Rellenos  PhP 295

An addition to the familiar Arrozeria choices is the Pimiento Rellenos - piquillo pepper stuffed with magically addictive ox tail. The Albondigas con Champiñones {below} is a tasty tapas option, too. It's a combination of beef and pork meatballs with button mushroom sauce and rustic potatoes. My heart's pretty much set on the former, however.

Albondigas con Champiñones PhP 375

Fideuà Callos  12" PhP 500  / 15" 950  /  18" 1450

A substitute for those who are not too keen on rice {why?!} is the Fideuà. Thin noodles are cooked in rich pork broth along with pork chunks, garbanzos, and tripe! There is some serious taste in this one, and the texture is just as amazing! 

Abanda Paella  12" 790  /  15" 1530  /  17" 2320

The paella comes in various consistencies, so make sure that you specify the one you fancy upon ordering. You can have the al dente and thin or the soft and wet. The Abanda Paella was made using the former. It's topped with fresh shrimps, mussels, and heavenly chunks of flaky fish. 

Arroz con Costra Chorizo y Gambas   PhP 750

Another dish that excelled during our visit was the Arroz con Costra - Spanish chorizo, shelled shrimps, and heirloom rice are baked and crowned with egg crust. This and the Cerdo Adobada y Boletus {below} are beyond the borderline of  what's considered to be delicious for me. 

The Cerdo Adobada y Boletus is a fine jumble of tender and tasty marinated pork with mushrooms, asparagus spears, and broccoli. I wanted to get one more scoop before I head home, but my belly screamed in protest. I was already bloated like a pregnant whale halfway through lunch. I was happy, though. No regrets.

Cerdo Adobada y Boletus  12" 790  /  15" 1530  /  17" 2320

Wash down your paella, risotto, and fideuà with the refreshing La Guapa {PhP 695}! A hefty serving of greens was welcomed warmly at our table as well. The Manchega {PhP 295} is a hodgepodge of crisped lettuce, machego cheese, slices of apples, and dried fruits. 

Calamansi Semifrio  PhP 225

The Calamansi Semifrio is fitting end to a carbo-packed lunch! A tarty concoction of calamansi semifreddo, mango sauce, and mint jelly.

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