Desire: Johnny Depp for Dior

Johnny Depp for Dior

Johnny Depp for Dior

Johnny Depp for Dior
Photos from @dior

My man Johnny Depp still makes my knickers melt at 52. I'll spare you the details of my reaction initial reaction when I saw his ad campaign for Dior's new cologne, Sauvage. I don't want my kids to find out either and risk calling a priest to exorcise whatever demon I have in me.

I've got this to say about the guy - only he can make that damn smudged eyeliner look hot, delicious even. Gwyneth Paltrow likened Johnny Depp's eau de naturel scent to a combo of patchouli and tobacco. I don't care. I'd still love him even if he smells like a week-old fajita sat on by a drunk skunk.

The film and photos were done by renowned French photographer, Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Onward and Upward!


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