Kumori's Toyohashi Pudding

Kumori's Toyohashi Pudding

Above is a trifecta of pudding delight from Kumori! The well-loved dessert from Kumori comes in three flavors: Original, Matcha Green Tea, and Chocolate. The chocolate is my favorite among all the Toyohashi pudding variants, and I'm not even a chocolate freak!

Kumori's Toyohashi Pudding

Made from farm fresh eggs and premium buttermilk cream, the cups of joy are loaded with pleasantly pronounced flavors and enriched with smooth, velvety texture. The sweetness factor is kept to a minimum, too. That's one more thing that I really like about the Toyohashi pudding. Scratch that. I don't like that it's not too sweet because I eat more than I should! It's good stuff, so no regrets!

Kumori Locations:

Landmark Makati basement level
SM Makati basement level

Facebook: Kumori Philippines
Instagram: @kumoriph

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