Lysol's On-the-Go Trio of Protection

Germophobes {extreme cases, moderate, and mild} rejoice! A trio of protection from Lysol does more than killing germs; they provide worrywarts like me something better: peace of mind. Oh, and one more thing, they're travel-friendly!

Lysol's On-the-Go Trio of Protection

I've wondered when Lysol would come up with a smaller version of their trusted surface disinfectant spray. My family - most especially my vintage Aunt - have long been obsessed with spraying Lysol everywhere! I'm not that paranoid, but still, I picked up on the habit. 

The hand wipes and baby disinfectant spray are most helpful for women who get a mean thigh muscle workout by refusing to sit on public toilet bowls. You know what I mean, ladies. Others pair that up with a foot flush, too. Let's hashtag that - #BecauseToiletSeatLinersAreNotProvidedInThisPartOfTheGlobe.

Lysol's On-the-Go Trio of Protection

I like that they don't have an overpowering smell of clean - like a hospital or flower shop. The scent is very mild. Now if only they can come up with something that cleans the soul. I'm kidding! But then again, that would be the ultimate disinfectant.

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