Miso Caramel Gelato by BONO

Miso Caramel Gelato

I may just have found a new favorite flavor of Bono! The Miso Caramel gelato is the perfect partnership of salty and sweet. It's a pepped up version of salted caramel. I like salted caramel anything, but this one is much better. 

The caramel miso gelato is cloaked with caramel miso sauce! It's supposed to be covering the scoop's crown entirely, but it took me a while to take a photo of it that's why the delicious sauce pooled below it. 

Miso Caramel Gelato
Miso Caramel Gelato  PhP 150/scoop

The imaginative combination beckons a second and a third cup! For those who can't get enough, there's a pint {PhP 495} and a tub {PhP 895} of Bono Gelato's Miso Caramel Gelato ready to be enjoyed by the family at home! 

Available at BONO Gelato branches!

BONO Artisanal Gelato
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Onward and Upward!


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