Pepita's Kitchen at The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang

After her successful stint at Diamond Hotel, Chef Dedet dela Fuente of Pepita's Kitchen is back for another buffet run at the historical The Manila Hotel! 

Pepita's Kitchen at The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang

For this year's theme {Filipino Food to the World}, Pepita's Kitchen's very own creations are incorporated with other specialty dishes from the different parts of the country. 

Pepita's Kitchen at The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang Pinoy Lechon

The most anticipated, most queued up, most ogled on were the two stuffed cochinillos that Chef Dedet has expertly perfected. One is the Pinoy Lechon; a sumptuous roasted suckling pig filled with garlic fried rice and sweet tocino chunks! 

Pepita's Kitchen at The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang Pinoy Lechon

The other one is the irresistible French Lechon. The mind-blowing juices of the primed porcine mixed with the truffle rice is the very definition of gluttonic ecstasy! These tanned and well-oiled beauties are not only famous in this part of the world. Pepita's lechon has been hailed as one of the World's Tastiest Fast Feats by Chowzter in London!  

Pepita's Kitchen Truffle Stuffed Lechon

Equally great are Pepita's Kitchen's ulam or viands. There's nostalgia attached to each as Chef Dedet revived the old recipes for the Filipino table staples. It was my first time to try her Binagoongan {stewed pork with shrimp paste} and Menudo {stewed pork with tomato sauce} and its sure as hell won't be the last! Both had super rich flavors! 

There's also the famous Balut Salpicao {fertilized duck egg}, Paksiw na Pata {braised pork shanks in vinegar and soy sauce}, and the Chicken Pork Adobo.

Who doesn't love pizza, really? Her take on the pie got me stumped! It's another notch to add to her gastronomic belt. Between the Adobo Pizza and the Palabok Pizza, it was the former that made my palate quiver. The salted egg sauce did it for me. Crispy adobo flakes and slices of red onions crowned the crispy crust! It was absolutely fantastic! 

Halal Station

Pinoy authenticity can be summed up in these words: Camote Cue and Turon Lovers! I got a minor heartache because the Banana Cue was not included. The fresh spread of fruits certainly made up for that, though.

And then there's these - Super Suman and Inquirer's Best Dessert for 2014, Mango Trifle! 

Not everything is about Pinoy food. There are international dishes, too! You wanna save a lot of room for Cafe Ilang Ilang's macarons and the cakes! Trust me. The Dulce de Leche is so fineeeeee.

There's also a mini art exhibit right at the entrance of Cafe Ilang Ilang. Local artists such as Filipina banker Martie Datu and Papelmeroti's {insert 'you know you're a 90's kid when' here} Patsy Paterno's masterpieces are displayed proudly along with the rest of the wonderful artworks. 

Filipino Food to the World at the Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang Ilang will be available from the 11th of September until the 27th of September 2015

By simply devouring good food, you'll get a chance to win Domestic Premium Economy round trip flight tickets from the Philippines’ flagship carrier, Philippine Airlines! It's a win-win, really.

Cafe Ilang Ilang at The Manila Hotel
One Rizal Park, 0913, Manila, PHL
Facebook: The Manila Hotel
Contact Nos: (+632) 527.00.11 local 1261, 1262, and 1318

Onward and Upward!


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