Breastfeeding Issues


The amount of pressure placed on mothers is so staggering that most question their worth as a mother. The ad above was created for Brazil's Pediatric Society of Rio Grande as an awareness campaign about. I get the gist of what they're trying to promote, and I think that it's a good thing. They want lactating women to know that sticking to a great diet will be the best thing to do for their babies. Awesome! I'm all for that. The manner in which it was done, however, is questionable.

I'm not an advertising person, but I'm assuming that the goal of ads is to entice an immediate response that sticks. If my premise is correct, Paim {the advertising agency} did a great job. If you paint, say, a glass of water, a nutritional chart for lactating women, or asparagus spears, the outcome wouldn't be as strong as a doughnut, a burger, and a cup of soda. But then again, those would've been a more encouraging approach to SPRS' 'Your child is what you eat' campaign.

I've long retired my breasts for feeding, but if I was still doing it, I'd be riddled with guilt because of this ad. It won't stop me from breastfeeding, though. It's just a scare tactic to make nursing mothers become more aware of what they eat. On the flip side, it might make some breastfeeding moms feel bad about themselves. The ad agency should've been more careful about what they present to the public because not everyone can see beyond the boob paint. Many will take it at face value, and that can be detrimental.

I think the best thing to do is to approach this thing with a little bit of logic, a lot of facts, and some self-assessment. Don't Wikipedia your way into this. Go to the experts. Ask your doctor if there's a correlation between junk food and breastfeeding. I browsed through my old medical books to check if breastfeeding moms are forbidden to eat junk food. I didn't see any. The books could be wrong or I might have missed something.

If you're 100% confident that you're doing the best for your kids, things like this need not bother you. Just continue to do what is right. That's all that matters.

Onward and Upward!


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