Cocktail Collab at Long Bar

My friends were all buzzed by the time I arrived at Raffles Hotel Makati's Long Bar to try their Cocktail Collab because I was late. I don't know how many concoctions they've had when I got there, but they were already crazy happy, so I'm guessing, uhm, a sufficient amount. I'm no snitch, so I'm gonna end my story about my friends with that. 

Long Bar's Cocktail Collab harnesses the talent of the spirit creatives and the frustrated mixologists. You can curate your very own delicious poison and ask the resident bar maestro, Orman Bag-ao, to mix it all for you! 

I don't usually {read: once in a blood moon} go to upmarket areas for drinks. Long Bar - in spite of being a deluxe bar - has a relaxed ambience that's devoid of any hoity-toity appeal. The drinks are fantastic, and the food, unbelievable. And then there's the service, too. It's excellent.

Cocktail Collab Long Bar Chili King Prawns and Grilled Garlic Chargrilled Chorizo Sausage

I started with a drink made by Ray and Lynne - a couple who has their heads on straight when making cocktails. They don't have a name for it yet, so for now, I'm gonna call it 'El Delicioso Diablo.' It's made of Bulleit bourbon, lemon juice, benedictine liqueur, and julienned red bell peppers that gave the drink a fine tongue-biting quality. 

Chili King Prawns and Grilled Garlic Chargrilled Chorizo Sausage
Chili King Prawns and Grilled Garlic  PhP 380 / Chargrilled Chorizo Sausage  PhP 380

I get so hungry while I'm drinking and after. Actually, I'm also hungry prior, too. Luckily, the bar chows are delicious! The Chili King Prawns and Grilled Garlic and Chargrilled Chorizo Sausage are not-to-be-missed tapas at Long Bar. The Pork Rinds are great as well, but alas, they ran out by the time I got there.

My Bar Management prof made us drink a jigger of olive oil during each educational booze fest we had back when Motorola MicroTAC was still very cool. I tried it once then vowed never to do it again. My prof told me to just eat really greasy food prior to coat my stomach. I usually had two orders of large fries before each session. Worked for me. I was young. French fries was my go-to meal. Now I'm a woman trying to be sophisticated hence the tapas.

Pan-Seared Snapper
Pan-Seared Snapper  PhP 950++

The dish above's one of Long Bar's best-sellers. It's excellent! A huge block of lightly seasoned, pan-seared snapper with a mix of poached fennel, grapefruit, and pecans. 

I know, I know. The Pan-Seared Snapper is the total antithesis of what should be eaten when drinking cocktails. I've never fancied pairings of any kind, and just prefer to listen to what my body says, and my body said, "Order that Pan-Seared Snapper, woman!"

This unnamed drink {I'm calling it Love Wins because of the sour belt} is a concoction of vodka, midori sour, lemon juice, guava juice, and maybe the essence of a unicorn because it's fantastic! Oh, and by the way, I support the LGBT movement.

Eugene and I were started drinking Frangelico on the rocks after we had one too many tapas and mains. We regarded the liqueur as a dessert drink due to its sweetness and amazing hazelnut flavor.

Open Lobster Club Sandwich  PhP 750

It's a simple take on the classic club sandwich - with lobster meat tossed in shrimp bisque mayonnaise being the power component - with a superb result! I love it! It has crispy strips of bacon on top too for additional texture and flavor. 

Here's How the Cocktail Collab Works:

  1. Liquor Selection
Select your liquor (Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Rum, Tequila, Brandy, Cognac, Wine, Champagne, etc.)
Note: extra liquor extra price, premium liquor is sold at a more expensive prices (dependent on the brand) 

  1. Choose combinations
Choose your favorite or preferred mixer/juices/fruit/herbs to create more fun and exciting cocktails.

  1. Make it pretty
Explore the different garnishes the bartender has to offer, it should complement the natural flavors already in the cocktail.

  1. Name it
Give a creative and uncommon name to the cocktail.

  1. Recipe
Cocktail created will be placed in the Long Bar recipe card (with guest name & contact info). Guest will receive a duplicate recipe card and he/she will present it during his/her next visit if he/she would like to have his own cocktail collaboration.

PRICE: PhP 450++

As an added treat, there's a band every Thursdays that plays 80's music! If you're into that, you gotta check them out. They're amazing! I almost popped a hip dancing to Tina Turner's Simply the Best! Enjoy!

Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Makati
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
1224 Makati City
Tel. No.: (+632) 555.97.77
Facebook: Raffles Makati
Twitter: @RafflesMakati

Instagram: @rafflesmakatihotel

Onward and Upward!


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