Go-En The Japanese Ramen Shoppe

There's a reason why the Ramen Burger is the featured photo for this post. That creation is golden! It is, for me, Go-En's big gun; the one that will get you hooked! More about this later.

Go-En, as the owner eloquently explained, is the five yen coin in Japan. It is the only coin without Western numerals, and is considered to bring someone a good amount of luck with money and relationships.

Go-En The Japanese Ramen Shoppe Ramen Burger

Chicken Kara-age  PhP 250

You'll be saddled with tough choices once you see the menu. It's extensive and they all look good enough to try. We settled for the Chicken Kara-age as our starter. Each piece was thinly coated with garlic-infused batter. I like this one a lot! I had a second go of this with my son a couple of days ago, and the quality is still the same. Must-try #1.

Cheese Ramen  PhP 350

A complete hallelujah for cheese lovers! It is a miso-based ramen with moyashi, corn, ajitsuke tamago, minced pork, and grated cheese {parmesan and cheddar, I think}! Lots of it! It is Go-En's ramen offering with a whole lot of attitude. 

Tantanmen  PhP 380

Go-En's description of their Tantanmen pretty sums up how I feel about it, too: "a little bit sweet and a little bit rock and roll."  It includes hosomen, ajitsuke tamago, ground pork, naganegi, and chingensai.You can request for a drizzle of ichimi if the heat is not enough for you.

Katsudon  PhP 320

A standard combination of tonkatsu, egg, and negi over rice. It's satisfying enough, but not nearly as mind-blowing as the rest.

Ramen Burger  180

I just swallowed a what would have been a good pool of drool just by thinking about Go-En's Ramen Burger. It is wonderful! A total palate ruler. That's a pretty bold statement. I hope the chefs at Go-En will continue to maintain the quality of their food to back my words up. That's all we can do as bloggers, to be honest; hope that they will continue the same quality we experienced.

They didn't try anything much to manipulate the taste of their Shoyu and Karamiso ramen. I think that what makes it so great. Their Shoyu and Karamiso ramen are already remarkable. They simply made the flavors compact then switched everything over to the burger. The sauce is the thickened version of the exact broth of the Shoyu or Karamiso ramen. Fantastic! The noodles are a battle between crispy and soft. I felt the care they placed into this one. It's simply irresistible! I like Robert Palmer.

Tsukemen  PhP 420

So I asked the staff, "How do you eat this? Do you put them all in a bowl or eat each ingredient individually?" As it turns out, the answer for the manner in which this deconstructed ramen should be eaten is the latter. The rationale is to appreciate the flavors of each ingredient {futomen, menma, boiled egg, fried garlic chips, nagenagi, chashu, and kakuni}. This is pretty interesting, and really delicious!

You have the option to place everything in a bowl, too. But I think it's kind of a vapid act. Why not just get a regular bowl of ramen instead of ordering a deconstructed version then place everything back into the bowl again? Unless, of course, you want to annoy yourself. I do that sometimes. 

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream  PhP 80

Go-En's mochi is fantastic! It's a big-enough dome of homemade mochi with delicious filling and amazing skin! It's straightforward and heavenly! It's hard to stop with just one, really. That's my battle.

If you've been to Livestock already, Go-En is just beside it. Go-enjoy! See what I did there?

Jardin de Zenaida, Unit B1
#34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave.
Brgy. South Triangle
Quezon City
Contact Nos.: (02)-441-GOEN (4636) / (02)-376-5761
Operating Hours: Lunch/Lunch Specials: 12pm - 5pm
                                Dinner:      M-Th 5pm - 11pm
                                                    (last order 10:30pm)
                                                    F-Su 5pm - 12am
                                                    (last order 11:30pm)

Onward and Upward!


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