Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Fairmont and Raffles Hotel's Spectrum

Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Fairmont Hotel's Spectrum

Everything is awesome {you knew this reference was coming, right?} at The Fairmont and Raffles Hotel's Spectrum! The Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch Buffet is the cutest and coolest buffet we've been to this year! Aside from it being a proverbial glutton's playground, the whole experience screamed of fun times for the whole clan! It had a good run a couple of months ago, and due to popular demand, it's now back! 

What I like most about the Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch is the way the chefs incorporated the Philippine vibe into the famed toys via their wonderful desserts! The bricks and minifigures are all edible! Hold on, let me rephrase that. The bricks and minifigures that you'll see on the buffet area are all edible. The Rizal Monument and other Philippine landmarks made of the vibrant bricks are not. Please don't try to bite them. #lessonlearned 

Among the kid-pleasing creations are the marshmallow pops featuring Gen. Antonio Luna's face as well as Dr. Jose Rizal's. 

Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Fairmont and Raffles Hotel's Spectrum

There are the tried and tested versions and the curiously odd creations that turned out to be fantastic. I'm often at odds with durian. Sure there were times when I gave it a go, but most of the time, I'm like "no, not today, sweetie." Surprisingly, I find Spectrum's Durian Cheesecake more than satisfying. It was thoughtfully made with a hint of the fruit and toned-down sweetness. 

Local rice cakes abound such as the Biko, Maja Mais, Nilupok, and Bibingka Cassava. Among the treasures of the spread {and the country itself} are the cute and delicious Chocolate Hills cakes!

Above are two of my favorite treats at the Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch Buffet: Dark Chocolate-dipped Chicharon and Burong Mangga with Carabao Butter Macarons! Those two put my self-control to the test. They won, of course. I couldn't help but submit to the combination of flavors and textures. They both merit a slow clap and that emoji where both hands are raised. I don't know the one-word term for that, and neither does Google.

The Lego Sunday Brunch Buffet is not all about desserts, of course. Guests can indulge on international cuisine from live culinary theaters which include Spanish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and of course, Filipino dishes! 

What you see here is just part and parcel of the buffet. There are dozens more included in the awesome smorgasbord.

The perfectly Roasted Rib eye steak is always a fine specimen at Spectrum. We enjoyed that a lot as well as the Grill Station choices. 

Pre-cooked viands, pizzas, and burgers are popular, too! The last two are a huge hit among the kids. Not to be missed are the Suckling Pig and Roasted Turkey. The aroma of both alone will make you want to eat them whole!

What makes this experience extra special for the kids are the famous Philippines landmarks that are made entirely of Lego bricks. A special Lego play area for kids ages 4-14 is available on the 2nd floor. There's also a pop-up store where you can buy Lego products at a discounted price!

Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch Buffet is available from 12 noon until 3 p.m. every Sunday {obviously} of October until the last Sunday of November 2015. 

The buffet is priced at PhP 2,777 net per person. Children from 6 to 12 years old get 50% off on the buffet price.

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