Maisen's Superior Tonkatsu and Wonderful Sets

From its humble beginnings in the underground floor of the Hibiya Mitsui Building on Yurakucho, Chiyoda Ward, Maisen has transformed into the best tonkatsu place in Tokyo. Many hail it as a tonkatsu experience at its most serious! Half a century since its birth, Maisen is brought to Manila through the efforts of Ben Chan, Rikki Dee, Chef Florabel Co-Yatco, Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez and Richard Gomez, and Kris Aquino.

Maisen's Superior Tonkatsu and Wonderful Sets

Amakuchi and Karakuchi

Sauces and seasoning are not necessarily the lifeblood of Maisen's tonkatsu because it is delicious even without. They're more of elective enhancers that make each tonkatsu extra good!

Maisen has four kinds of sauces: Amakuchi {sweet sauce}, Karakuchi {Worcestershire sauce}, Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich Sauce, and the Special Sauce. And then there's also the Sesame Dressing, the Spicy Mustard, and the Salt with Spices.

Potato Croquette
Potato Croquette  PhP 90

If you're willed to try one of the a la carte menu offerings, consider the Potato Croquette. It's so gratifying in all its simplicity! Cocooned in light breading are flavor-packed mashed potatoes and bits of pork. I like it when drizzled with both the Amakuchi and Karakuchi sauces.

Maisen Katsumabushi Set
Katsumabushi Set  PhP 390

The Katsumabushi Set is one of Maisen's special sets. Inside the red bowl are convenient pieces of the tender tonkatsu over rice and chopped nori. The preparation is just as good as its taste! 

There's a certain technique in the way the whole dish is eaten, and that adds to its overall quality. Add the onsen tamago into the mix to make it more flavorful and creamy. Scoop the mixture onto the separate bowl, then add the dashi stock, a pinch of sesame seeds, and chopped scallions. I personally don't like adding the wasabi sauce, but if you're all for that, go for it.

But of course, if you're really hungry, you can just dump all the ingredients in the red bowl and eat. End of story.

Maisen Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich
Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich Set  PhP 275

I've lost count the number of times my good friend Richie uttered the word "delicious" while eating the Tenderloin Katsu Pocket Sandwich. Truth be told, that thing is glorious, but I already got that the first three times he labeled it as such! No need to overdo it! Heart that guy, by the way. 

So this sandwich that haunt my dreams until now has a huge hunk of tenderloin hugged by a piece of egg and enveloped by a perfectly toasty dome. It comes with salad and fruits.

Pork Sukiyaki Set  PhP 520

Another must-have at Maisen is the Pork Sukiyaki Set. It's served with tenderloin katsu, rice, pickle set, and a bowl of different fruits.

Just thinking about this prime piece of meat makes me so hungry! During the opening of Maisen at SM Megamall, there were two sets that were offered apart from their usuals: Amaiyuwaku and Chamiton. The Amaiyuwaku is a breaded piece of pure bread-fed Yorkshire pig. Its superbness almost brought me to tears. The breadcrumbs are made in a particular manner, by the way. It has to achieve the level of 'kendachi' or a state of blossomed flowers.

The Chamiton, on the other hand, comes from a tea leaf-fed pampered porcine. I wasn't able to try it, but those who did proclaimed its amazing quality. Unfortunately, these won't be part of their regular menu. Just like you, I'm also wishing that they were. But then again, there's always the superior Kurobuta Tenderloin Katsu Set to end the yearning. 

3/F Building A, SM Megamall,
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: Maisen Philippines
Instagram: @maisenph

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