Makati Shangri-La's Circles' Seafood Market

Every Saturdays, the Makati Shangri-La's Circles goes seafood fiend-friendly! Lobsters, crabs, different types of shellfish, and a substantial list of gill-bearing sea creatures constitute the huge spread. This is, by far, one of the best seafood buffets I've enjoyed!

Makati Shangri-La's Circles' Seafood Market

An enticing partially cooked seafood ice bar will greet you upon entering Circles. Curb your need to get a plate and fill it up with super fresh seafood. Instead, go around the place first to check on the rest.

Makati Shangri-La's Circles' Seafood Market

Makati Shangri-La's Circles' Seafood Market

A few steps from the entrance is the raw seafood ice bar. You can ask the chef to cook your picks in the manner you prefer or grant him a carte blanche. 

Some of my friends asked for a baked lobster with cheese. I opted for this {above} -- my "what the hell?! This is a good version!" moment: Singaporean-style crustaceans with extra chili! The halved lobsters were bathing in a pool of rich hot and sweet sauce. Pinoys would scream for a cup of steamed white rice once this comes out. Belay that itch until you've tried the rest, though.

You wanna save a lot of room for the pre-cooked belly treats. There's the Calamari Stewed in Tomato Sauce, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, and Alimango sa Gata {Crabs in Coconut Milk}.   

Fresh makimonos and sashimi

Out of all the pre-cooked offerings, I went hard for the Shrimp and Scallop in Garlic Cream Sauce! Whatever enhancement they put in there made it extra fantastic!

Luckily, not everything about the Seafood Market is, well, seafood. If you wanna take a break from the sea creatures that fill-up the space, get a slice of the succulent Prime Rib, Roast Chicken, or Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce. By the way, that's a dollop of Dijon and sour cream on my meat. I just love it with both! 


Dim sum station, noodle station, and the dessert station. Makati Shangri-La's shot glass dessert, gelato, and cakes deserves multiple attention. They also have a wide array of fresh fruits right across this one. Oh, and try the different iced tea blends as well. They're delicious!

If you're not a big seafood fan, you can choose from the other Circles' 360-Dining Experience themes. There's a different one for each night {not available during lunch}. Here's a full list:


Wholesome Market -  Each dish is prepared using healthier cooking methods, such as broiling, or grilling, locking in the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in your meal.  Never miss the chance to indulge in this theme’s highlight, Prime Rib with Arugula Pesto.


Butcher’s Market - enjoy Circles’ wide selection of premium meats, poultry, pork and exotic meats every Tuesday.  This theme highlights the Grill Station, allowing each guest to mix and match their choice of meat and pair it with a variety of freshly made breads and rice options.


Spice Market - diners can then travel to the east side of the globe and indulge in palatable Indian, Oriental, Malay and Arabic cuisines infused with the stimulating signature spices in each region.  The highlight is Tangdi Kebab, a popular Indian dish in which chicken legs marinated in strong Asian spices are baked to perfection.


Farmers Market - through the “farm to table” concept, favorite meals now also mean supporting the community’s sustainability.  By delighting in locally grown food, diners supportnot only local growers, but also the local economy.


Seafood Market - satiate your appetite with nothing, but fresh and top-quality seafood only from the best sources.


Grand Central Market - guests can cap the week with the family over a sumptuous dinner with selections fit for every family member’s taste.  The highlight is Slow-Cooked Whole Steamship Beef.

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