Osaka Ohsho's Sukiyaki Pots

Rainy days calls for belly-warming bowls of sukiyaki! I tried Osaka Ohsho's sukiyaki offerings last week, and they're delicious! One is the traditional Beef Sukiyaki, and the other one is filled with gyoza {Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup}! 

Osaka Ohsho Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup
Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup 

A steaming cast iron pot of miso-clam broth filled with vermicelli noodles, nori gyoza, kombu, and of course, fresh clams! Asari is the Japanese term for clams. I was expecting a few pieces of clams in the bowl {read: 3}, and maybe a generous amount of gyoza and kombu as conciliation. Thankfully, they were generous with those tasty molluscans! 

Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup

Osaka Ohsho Beef Sukiyaki
Beef Sukiyaki

The classic Beef Sukiyaki contains the standard ingredients: thin beef strips, chopped onions, vermicelli noodles, Japanese tofu, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, and egg. The one that makes it memorable is the flavorful broth that's sweet and rich but not overly so. One order is good enough for two. I can't finish one all by myself. My eldest boy {the Beef Sukiyaki is his favorite} and I often share a pot. 

There's another Osaka Ohsho sukiyaki variant: Gyoza Chicken Sukiyaki Soup. It has chunks of tender chicken, shiitake mushrooms, mixed vegetables, and vermicelli noodles in a Japanese miso-based soup. It's not a substitute for mom's chicken soup when you're down with a cold - in all fairness, nothing is - but it is an ultimate comfort food in its own right. 

Osaka Ohsho
3/F SM Megamall Fashion Hall
EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, 
Mandaluyong City

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