California Pizza Kitchen's All-New Healthier Creations

California Pizza Kitchen's new creations focus on two main things: healthy ingredients and bold flavors! The theme for the all-new menu rollout is "California is a state of mind" - a unique blend that reflects the distinct California mindset.

California Pizza Kitchen Fruit N' Nut  Steak, Mushroom and Truffle
Fruit N' Nut  PhP 275  /  Steak, Mushroom and Truffle  PhP 695 (Regular)  PhP 375 (Personal)

The Fruit N' Nut is a refreshing and colorful pile of watermelon chunks, garden greens, avocado, mixed fruits, and a variety of nuts that's splashed with fresh orange herb vinaigrette! 

The most popular pizza on our table that day was the Steak, Mushroom, and Truffle! The addicting pie has a luscious blend of strips of tenderloin, slices of cremini, a generous bed of mozzarella, plus a drizzle of the aromatic truffle oil. 

California Pizza Kitchen Salad Fruits N' Nuts

California Pizza Kitchen Puttanesca
Puttanesca  PhP 295

Sourcing of premium ingredients is paramount to CPK, and it is evident in each of their dishes such as the Puttanesca. The deliciously "dirty pasta" is studded with black olives, cloves of garlic, spaghetti, capers, onions, and dried chilies; all mixed with the rich tomato sauce.

Baja Pizza  PhP 545

Traditional Mexican flavors perfectly intermingled with Italian elements! It's a gracious feast loaded with shrimp, avocado slices, jalapeƱo, onions, mozzarella, and cilantro! It's drizzled with sweet barbecue sauce and crema mexicana.  

Vegetable Primavera  PhP 495 (Sharing)  PhP 275 (Personal)

The Vegetable Primavera is a healthy dish topped with fresh vegetables and grated parmesan. Each spaghetti strand is coated with the delicious and light sun-dried tomato oil.

As for the dessert, California Pizza Kitchen's latest additions are the Queso de Bola Cheesecake {PhP 350} and the Salted Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce {PhP 245}. Since I'm not really into chocolates that much, I enjoyed the QDB Cheesecake better! It's dense with coarse-grained texture filled with bits and pieces of queso de bola. So delicious!

Some of the items are exclusively available to specific branches only. If you're craving for California Pizza Kitchen's old-time favorites, don't worry because they're still very much part of the menu! Fresh and healthy Combo Shakes and Teamonades are part of their latest menu add-ons, too! 

California Pizza Kitchen
Unit 2302-2304, Mid-level 2/3, East Wing, Shangri-la Mall,
Mandaluyong City
Operating Hours :  11 AM-11 PM, (Sunday to Thursday)
                               11 AM-12 AM, (Friday to Saturday)
Contact No.: (+632) 696.11.25
Facebook: CPK Philippines
Instagram: @cpkphilippines
Twitter: @cpkphilippines

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