Nescafe Red Mug Machine: A Pod-free Coffee Experience

I'm really excited about Nescafe's latest coffee machine! It's pod-free, a breeze to use, and it's priced really well! The Nescafe Red Mug machine creates different coffee variants without putting a huge ding on our budgets.

I have a single-serve coffee machine at home that I used for less than a year because of the pods. To be fair, it dispenses a good cup of coffee, but the pods are just too pricey; and for someone who drinks coffee three to four times a day, that can be a bit of a problem. 

Nescafe Red Mug Machine: A Pod-free Coffee Experience

With the Nescafe Red Mug, you simply put a teaspoonful or two {depends on how strong you want your coffee to be} of Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee inside the coffee chamber for a good cup! Here's the complete lowdown on how it's done:

Fill the water chamber at the back by pulling it before you plug it in. You don't have to fill it up to the brim. Halfway is fine.

Press the power button located on the left side {facing you} of the Nescafe Red Mug machine. It'll blink for a couple of seconds. Once it turns green, you're good to go! 

Lift the coffee chamber lid on top then put a teaspoonful of Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee. Do not include anything else there. Put your NestlĂ© Coffee Mate and sugar in the glass mug. Place the mug on the drip chamber. 

Turn the selection knob to the left. That's the foaming jet. I usually do two rounds of foam before I switch the knob back to stop {middle}. Now turn the knob to the right for the coffee. Again, I do two rounds before I hit stop. Even if you already hit stop, the coffee will continue to flow so wait for the power button to turn red before you get your cup. 

Each machine comes with two glass mugs, by the way. Can you use other mugs? Absolutely, but you'll have a harder time assessing the level of liquid in your cup. Plus, it's fun to look at the foam and the layering of coffee and milk!

And there it is! My simple cappuccino. You can go crazy with add-ons if you like. Maybe some butter, chocolate, peanut butter, cardamom, vanilla extract, or caramel liqueur? 

The Nescafe Red Mug Machine is priced at PhP 1,999 until the 31st of December 2015 only. After that, the price will be PhP 2,399. Aside from the two transparent mugs, each machine also comes with Nescafe Classic 100g and Nestlé Coffee Mate 250g!

You can buy one at SM, Robinsons, Landmark and Puregold stores in Metro Manila. #StartCreating your cuppa and enjoy!

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Onward and Upward!


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