Slurp Coffee's Rocket Fuel and Cold Brew

I first had my first Slurp at the Gourmand Market in BGC ealier this year. I must admit, it is the packaging that made me head towards their booth. The bottle and the label is akin to a vintage medicine bottle! I love it! 

So what exactly is cold brewing? "Cold brewing is a process where we extract the coffee cold for 24 hours.  With this method, we don’t shock our coffee into existence, we gently coax the flavors from the bean.  The result is a delicate, invigorating coffee drink."

Since the grounds are never heated, cold brew coffee is less acidic, smoother, and naturally tastes sweeter. Adding ice is not really recommended so as not to dilute it. I still do put a couple of cubes along with the milk and a spoonful of cajeta caramel sauce. The Original Cold Brew {PhP 150/bottle} is good, but Slurp's Salted Caramel Cold Brew {PhP 180/bottle} is far better!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Slurp's Rocket Fuel {PhP 400/250g} is delicious! It is a medium roast with complex citrus notes, a hint of almond and muscovado! How many teaspoonfuls you want for your cup is a personal choice. I usually do two with a steep time of 5 minutes via French Press. There's also the X Blend {dark roast with hint of chocolate} and the af-ter-glõ {full city roast with hint of cookie dough}. 

You can learn more about these delicious brews Slurp Coffee!

Onward and Upward!


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