Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q

Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q

If you've had your fair share of the bar-b-q places in the city, it's time for a different perspective. Woody's is a laid-back gastro joint that serves crave-worthy Texan barbecue at a really good deal! The meat goes through the traditional Texan route of cooking that hits each morsel with the addicting smoky flavor. 

Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q Barbecue Nachos Texas Hot Links
Barbecue Nachos PhP 125  /  Texas Hot Links PhP 95

While waiting for our supple plates, we wolfed down some Barbecue Nachos and Texas Hot Links. Moist and smoky strips of beef brisket skulk under a pile of crispy tortilla chips. On the other hand, the hot links, with its crisped out casing, is filled with a mouthwatering hickory aroma and delightful flavor!

Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q Three-Peat
Three-Peat Plate PhP 295 

The Three-Peat is a much recommended Woody's plate by owners Elian and Ines Habayeb. It's composed of a trio of smoky and tender meat: Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Ribs! Woody's barbecue sauce added so much heft to the meat's flavor. 

Side choices include Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Dirty Rice, Country Beans, and Mac 'n' Queso. Do get an extra cornbread. It's studded with jalapeƱo. So delicious!

Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q Clutch City Sandwich
Clutch City Sandwich  PhP 255

The Clutch City Sandwich is a deliciously messy tower of beef brisket and hot links. A generous slather of the barbecue sauce coats the delectable meat. You can also add a couple of sides with this one. I really like the potato salad and mac 'n' queso!

Above is another Three-Peat plate with different sides. For those who have a beast for a belly, you can get a bigger version of this, the Three-Peat Pound {PhP 625}. Woody's offer various beers and cocktails to go with your meat-packed plate. I highly recommend the Long Island Iced Tea {PhP 140} and the Rum and Coke Slush!

Woody's has three dessert variants: The Bourbon Banana Pie, Apply Pie, and the Coca-Cola Cake. Out of all, the coke-infused chewy and moist chocolate cake block is my favorite. It defies the conventional, but still retains the basic elements that makes it lovable!

Woody's Texas Bar-B-Q
7838 Makati Avenue (right across A.Venue)
Contact Nos. (+632) 891.31.92 / (+63916) 373.73.08
Website: www.woodystexasbbq.com
Facebook: Woody's Texas BBQ
Instagram: @woodystexasbbq

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