Craft Beer at EDSA Beverage Design Group

The EDSA Beverage Design Group can rustle up the hipster in you - even to those who never knew that they had it in them. I certainly didn't. It's that cool spot right along EDSA which is pretty hard to catch if you're not aware of the buildings in the area. 

Craft Beer at EDSA Beverage Design Group

EBDG is a two-story beverage domain. The area retains a significant amount of the building's original architecture. Hurray for that! I usually swing by for their coffees, which are pretty amazing, by the way.  Last Tuesday, my friends and I went to EBDG to try Craftpoint Brewing Co.'s beers. They brew them all at the ground floor of the building. 

They have this project called The Beer Explorer Club. The aim is to surprise beer lovers with something new each month. If you decide to be a part of this club, you'll get different beers each month that you can pick up at EBDG or have them delivered straight to your home.

For the month of January, their crafted poison is the Champorado Milk Stout. It's electric! It's not a cheap clone of something. It's an original concept by the brew masters. I think Craftpoint Brewing Co. is somehow re-establishing the Pinoy identity with this mix, and that is pretty amazing. To come up with something that's been inspired-by or a direct xerox of a foreign concoction is kinda tiring.  

I'm not gonna try to dissect and describe each and every component because I'm no beer connoisseur. It's undoubtedly champorado-flavored, however. You can taste that favorite Pinoy chocolate rice porridge from the first sip. 

I like the Champorado Milk Stout, but the one for February is even better! I believe these beers are gulped down to be enjoyed, and not just something to give you a strong buzz at the end of the night. I don't drink to get drunk. I drink to enjoy whatever it is I'm drinking and the people I'm with. You know what they say, if you can't hold your liquor {beer in this case}, don't drink.

You can learn more about The Beer Explorer Club here!

EDSA Beverage Design Group
209 EDSA CLMC Bldg.
Greenhills-Mandaluyong {right beside EDSA Shell Station}
Facebook: EDSA BDG
Instagram: @edsabdg

Craftpoint Brewing Co.
Facebook: Craftpoint Brew
Twitter: @craftpointbrew
Instagram: @craftpointbrew

Onward and Upward!


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