LōLa Café: Comfort Food with A Flair

The place is a modernist fantasy, and the food, a modern Pinoy's dream. The latter would probably be a byword for a gastronomic wunderkind; that's how I see it, at least. Every dish placed on our table that day at LōLa Café was simply memorable. They were modified versions of homegrown notables. Don't worry. They weren't overdone. You'd still know that what you're eating is indeed a sinigang and not some weird pretentious concoction. Take a bow, Chef Jonvic Mangibin. 

LōLa Café: Comfort Food with A Flair

LōLa Café: Comfort Food with A Flair

The mid-century house turned restaurant struck a good chord with me. It's really beautiful! I love old buildings that are refurbished; better than new ones. The restaurant is named after the previous owner of the house, by the way. 

Cauliflower Fritos
Cauliflower Fritos  PhP 230  /  Chicken Liver Tostada  PhP 195

Even the cauliflower-averse will find the masked version at LōLa Café with sweet soy glaze more than satisfying! I liked the Chicken Liver Tostado {liver pâté and bacon crisps}, too. 

Bone Marrow Sisig
Bone Marrow Sisig  PhP 275

The prized piece was the Bone Marrow Sisig, however. That was one glorious appetizer! It's a deadly fusion, but damn amazing, nonetheless. The fine-tuned sisig covers the roasted bone marrow with kamias jam. You get the necessary sisig crunch from the flat bread it comes with. I just prayed one Hail Mary before I YOLO-ed my way through it like a champion.

Alugbati and Kesong Puti Salad
Alugbati and Kesong Puti Salad  PhP 210 (solo) / PhP 310 (share)

The Alugbati and Kesong Puti Salad calmed my worry after having a few bites of the Bone Marrow Sisig. It's composed of charred alugbati, roasted carrots, and beets - all infused with aged balsamic.

Miso Salmon & Sinigang Rice  PhP 320

This is a truly respectable dish - pan seared salmon over tamarind and tomato rice.  It hits your national pride with pure force. All the elements of a great sinigang are there. Actually, an enhanced version of.  

1/4 Chicken Confit & Tinola Rice
1/4 Chicken Confit & Tinola Rice  PhP 280

Everything in this Tinola Rice bowl is an entente cordiale of sorts. The ingredients just worked so perfectly together! The ginger-infused chicken confit lies on a bed of delicious lemon grass pilaf with mandatory add-on of green papaya. I'd ask for extra cilantro next time, just because I'm in heart with that stuff. Never miss this one at LōLa Café!

Coconut Boneless Bangus
Coconut Boneless Bangus  PhP 430

Another table charmer: boneless bangus cloaked with coconut and leek sauce!  Give me something that's been deliciously infused with gata {coconut milk}, and we're going to be instant friends. This will make us BFFs. It's best with steamed white rice, of course.  

Strawberries and Cream Meringue
Strawberries and Cream Meringue  PhP 150

This is just one of the five dessert selections {the rest are Tsokolate, Taho Cheesecake, Maja Blanca Jar, and Banoffee Pie} at LōLa Cafe. Each order comes with three almost fist-sized meringues with swirls of coconut-tarragon mousse. Chewy in the center and not too sweet. Perfect for me.

LōLa Cafe
99 Scout Lozano St., Quezon City
Contact No. (+632) 501.26.20 / (+63917) 817.60.45
Instagram: @lolacafe

Onward and Upward!


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