The Manila Hotel: A Chinese New Year Feast at the Mabuhay Palace

Chinese New Year is a huge thing for most Filipinos due to the welcomed integration of the Chinese people in our nation. Inter-ethnic relationship is pretty strong, and quite a number of us have Chinese roots. I don't, but that never stopped me from celebrating Chinese New Year and for seeking my fate for the current year. My vertical lineage is Spanish, by the way. The features didn't trickle down all that much to me, though.

The Manila Hotel: A Chinese New Year Feast at the Mabuhay Palace

Apart from the Chinese traditions and predictions, it's the food that makes me adore this celebration! Manila Hotel's Mabuhay Palace undoubtedly serves delicious Cantonese dishes paired with top-notch service. It's a place where food experts and simple food enthusiasts have vetted as one of the best.

The Manila Hotel: A Chinese New Year Feast at the Mabuhay Palace

The interior details makes Mabuhay Palace even more interesting. The walls are adorned with hand-crafted panels that narrate the tale of Confucius. They are made of jade and precious stones.

Suckling Pig with Bread Pan

The 8-course Chinese New Year started with the Suckling Pig with Bread Pan which yields a sumptuous fare of flavors. Apparently, a roasted suckling pig symbolizes peace and purification for the coming year. It is known as chun chee {golden pig}. Delicious and lucky! Not a bad combination.

Suckling Pig with Bread Pan

Braised Sliced Abalone and Seafood Soup

The Braised Sliced Abalone and Seafood Soup was next. The golden broth boasts of excellent taste! The abalone, by the way, is believed to bring in financial abundance. 

Deep-Fried Mabuhay Palace Long Life Prawns

The Deep-Fried Mabuhay Palace Long Life Prawns are both big in size and flavor! Despite the thickness, the noodle coating didn't muffle the juiciness of the supreme prawns.

Prawns {har} symbolizes happiness and liveliness; and in this case, the bigger the prawns, the better! The size of the prawn is directly proportional to the amount of joy you will experience this year!

Crispy Fried Pigeons Hong Kong Style

A discernible crunch with generous seasoning made these Crispy Fried Pigeons Hong Kong Style a pleasure to eat. Like the rest, these birds have strong symbolic importance in one's life. It is common knowledge that birds migrate during winter season. The flock coming back signals spring - a season of renewal. 

The Braised Sea Cucumber and Monkey Head Mushroom with Vegetable in Brown Sauce was expertly prepared, making the gelatinous, soft-bodied marine species gratifying to eat! Sea cucumber is a festive luxury ingredient in Chinese cuisine, and is believed to have anti-aging properties! I should have eaten the whole thing.

Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushroom with Chicken Wrap in Lotus Leaf

The Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushroom with Chicken Wrap in Lotus Leaf represents good harvest. It has dynamically notable flavors, texture, and fragrance. Delicious!

via Dan Dela Rea of The Manila Hotel

Nian Gao or Tikoy, which signifies a rich and sweet life, is probably the most well-known Chinese New Year gift. It comes in various forms and sizes {the koi fish-shaped ones are my favorite}, and makes a pretty decent dessert or snack.

Flambé Farm Marine Sea Bass

The succulent flesh rightly absorbed the rich sauce that they have been cooked in, and the aroma was truly inviting! Having a strong penchant for fish {and a really good one at that}, the Flambé Farm Marine Sea Bass is my favorite in Mabuhay Palace's Chinese New Year Set Menu. 

Fish, according to the Chinese, is a symbol of prosperity. Yu, the word for fish, is a homophone of abundance. It is customary to serve one {two in this case} at the end of Chinese New Year meal in order to gain abundance for the coming year!

Mabuhay Palace Chines New Year Set Menu

Four Persons (SET A): PhP 2,288 nett
Two Persons (SET B): PhP 2,880 nett

For inquiries and reservations for the full Cantonese feast, please contact (+632) 527.00.11 local 1261

The Manila Hotel Chinese New Year Room Package: PhP 10,000 nett

Breakfast buffet at Café Ilang-Ilang
Mabuhay Palace Credits worth PhP 2,000
20-minute aromatherapy bath for two

Promo period: January 1-February 14, 2016 only

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