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Nothing screams tropical country better than seafood, and Catch sure know how to stretch its potential! They create dishes that will make you feel much happier about your day; or in this case, night. The menu is multi-cultural - from Asia to South Africa. If you're a big fan of seafood that's been cooked with respect {read: not rubbery}, then you should be checking out Catch right now...or maybe after you're done reading this post.

Catch Salcedo Makati

Focusing on sustainable seafood, Catch opened last December 2015, replacing LuLu. It is another exciting concept from Chef Tom Hines, Dixie Mariñas and Chandra Mercado - the same trio behind Smith Butcher and Grill Room, Ampersand, Poulet Manille and Ebeneezers.

Nikkei Tiger's Milk
Nikkei Tiger's Milk  PhP 398

The delicate flavors of the queen scallop is superbly boosted with Seville orange, wild ginger, lime and chili, and black sesame seeds. Actually, I find the Amarillo Tiger's Milk {Norwegian king salmon} better than the Nikkei Tiger's Milk. The mixture of the first-rate ingredients were superb! It's that plate filled with yellow liquid peeking on the left. I forgot to take a photo of the whole thing, unfortunately.

Kinilaw  PhP 250

What sets this Filipino favorite from the conventional is the dollop of caviar. Soft chunks of tanguigue are mixed with ripe mango and pickled Baguio vegetable.

Moules-Frites a la Crème
Moules-Frites a la Crème  PhP 450

Can you balk at a bowl of fresh mussels slicked with white wine butter and cream? Well, if you're not into mussels, then yes, but if you are, not a chance. There are no traces of that grainy texture that makes most of us frown. It's rich {not annoyingly so}, expertly cooked, and just simply fantastic!

Oyster Rockefeller
Oyster Rockefeller  PhP 110/piece  PhP 620/Half dozen

Before you lift a quizzical brow on the per piece price of the Oyster Rockefeller, know that each one is HUGE and absolutely delicious! The oyster is air-flown from an oyster farm in Aklan. 

Baked Queen Scallop
Baked Queen Scallop     PhP 375      

The Baked Queen Scallop is no small treat, either! The scallop's showstopping freshness is enhanced by Catch's special Japanese sauce. It was so good that I didn't see the need to act like a simpering lady in front of my friends, so I licked the remaining sauce off the shell. #stayingclassy

Lobster Po' Boy
Lobster Po' Boy  PhP 598

Originating in New Orleans, the Po' Boy or poor boy sandwich comes in four varieties: Crab, Lobster, Fried Shrimp, and Oyster. The large, crackly bread yields just the right amount of chew in its core. It's filled with tender chunks of lobster drizzled with aioli. A side of Asian coleslaw and fries completes the gastronomic rendezvous.

Surf and Turf   PhP 2,750

There are a few pescetarian skews on the menu such as the Surf and Turf {rib-eye, prawns, and scallop with Bearnaise sauce}. I was already full when this came out, but the sumptuous dish overruled my need to tap out. My stomach just automatically created a space for this! With a good char and perfect flavoring, the steak was just as impressive as the rest. And of course, the freshness of the ample-sized prawns and scallops made the whole thing memorable.

Ground Floor, V Corporate Center,

125 L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Instagram: @catchph

Onward and Upward!


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